Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts- they're random most days, but tuesday will do


its that time of week again people, tuesday. I'm playing again, i haven't done it in a few weeks but its fun! you should totally go check Keely out over at Un-mom, shes pretty awesome, dancing raisins and all.

So our house kinda has two front doors. We live in the corner of our building so we have two doors that we can access easily. I think the builder got confused when numbering our house and putting on the doors. Our "back door leads into our front hallway, and our "front door" (with the house number and mail slot) leads into the back of our kitchen. So we use our "back door" as our front door and our "front door" as the back door. confused yet?
Well since our house is so open its hard to tell sometimes which door gets a knock- our friends know to come to the "back door" so that is the door we open first- Just a minute ago there was a knock at the door- I yell "Hold on a minute!!" and run and get the keys- open the back door and there is no one there but an old lady with her dog in the green space....hmmm. So I go to the "front door" there was a man there with a clip board and name tag. I nearly shut the door in his face I was terrified that it was the TV license man and he finally tracked us down...There is NO WAY we can afford that this week! Thankfully it was just a door to door salesman. I coulda hugged him, but instead politely blew him off. PHEW.

Went to my WW meeting this morning.... 3.5 pounds down! woo hoo! makes 4.5 in two weeks. not too bad! would be better if i was more active. I should have lost 4 pounds this week though, and I am blaming that half pound squarely on my husband! Yesterday i was trying to "fast" and eat mainly zero points food (i know, i know that's not the point of the plan, but gimme a break i wanted a good number)Well shortly before i went to bed I sat down with a cup of tea. James had left a package of digestives out....the temptation was too much. I had one. (and when i say one, I actually mean five.) I then went into the office and told him that he shouldn't leave yummy biscuits laying around when all his wife ate was fruit all day. poor man, he never wins.

and BTW because i know anyone from the states who hasn't had much exposure to Ireland or Britain has NO CLUE what a digestive is....They are cookies....or biscuits as they say here....(when will they EVER learn to use english correctly- SIGH!! (haha i kid i kid)) and they are sweet- perfect to dip in a cup of tea. My first exposure to them was when i was backpacking through Europe with James before we got married. I seriously thought they were a constipation medication of some form and refused to eat them because I thought i was going to be stuck in the bathroom all night if i did.
It took him a while to convince me that digestives were NOT laxatives LOL. They are actually one of my favorite snacks now, definitely my favorite biscuit here, cause seriously people, the cookies SUCK here. Oh, and digestives are the closest thing you get to graham crackers here. They are essentially the same except the taste isn't as honeyish as graham crackers. For instance, when you make a cheesecake here, you crush up digestives for the crust.

Anyways, enough about digestives...(can you tell I'm on a diet??)

Miguel left for Mexico again about an hour ago- it was nice having him here, he was staying with us for about a month. I'm so happy we have that spare bedroom- It worked out well since he pretty much had the entire back of the house to himself. Now I know it won't be an issue when people come to stay....if they ever do...AHEM. I will miss having someone else around to talk to and joke around with. Not that James isn't great conversation- its just that sometimes getting details out of him is like trying to get blood from a turnip.

I really need to sign myself up for a drivers theory test. I hate that even though im fully licensed I have to go through the entire process of getting a license here. If i don't hurry up and get my full Irish license before April I will be screwed! In April they are changing the laws which means, even though I'm fully licensed I will have to take 20 lessons before I can get my license. that's around 600.00 Euro folks. there is NO WAY I am willing to pay that kind of money for someone to teach me something I've been doing for over a decade. That's more than what I paid for the JBOD in the first place!!

I have to go and get ready for work....I can feel the internet sucking me back in with its flashy graphics and bright glow.....damn job. And its sunny today as well. damnit.

ah well! Hope everyone has a great tuesday!!


  1. To be totally honest, I thought those cookies (biscuits) were something you were taking to help you loose weight lol. Glad you cleared that up!

    I know what you mean about having someone else around to talk to. I'm sort of the same way with my hubs. He's a great person to have a conversation with but sometimes there's just nothing else to say & that's where the other person comes in handy :)

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! VERY nice! i love those digestives. they can call them whatever they want but theya re good!

  3. I found you on the blog hop and now Im following you! Please check out my blog and follow me, http://toesthattwinkle.blogspot.com/ I also wanted to say how much I love your blog and reading the posts!

  4. I'm glad you clarified what the 'digestives' are - I totally thought they were something to assist your digestion! ;)

    RTT: Snow, Ice, Dinos, Snuggie Envy

  5. "And when I say 1, I mean 5." Love it!!!!

  6. Congrats on your weight loss! That's awesome! I wish we had those digestives here, they sound delicious!

  7. Thanks everyone!! I'm hoping to do as good this week as I did last week....so far, not looking that way. I had another "episode" with the digestives....if only they WERE to help with digestion. SIGH :)

    and Girl in Carolina- if you want digestives I can totally make that happen....just saying ya know :)