Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hypochrondria anyone?

Yeah so I should never ever look at those Webmd websites.

We found out kinda sorta what was going on with hubs. Basically he needs more fiber in his diet. I don't know about all of this cause he's 26 years old and in my opinion WAY too young to have these sort of issues. I know his diet isn't the best but its definitely not the worst. I have a sneaky suspicion that there is something else underlying here. But I'll hope for the best and be ready for whatever else may crop up.

ANYWAYS- I decided to look up some high fiber foods and diet plans that would be realistic for my extremely picky husband to start eating. As I am sleuthing around on different diet and medical websites I notice several other links to different medical article. With catchy (i.e. terrifying) photos included.

I click on a photo of a rare form of skin cancer. Apparently it manifests itself in several ways. It just so happens that about 5 years ago I got a bump out of nowhere on my right shin that looks similar to the picture that is heading the article.

A little bubble of worry starts to grow deep within my stomach. Thoughts start floating around in the back of my head...

...Abuelo had skin cancer...but he like, lived on the equator. Thats why...right??

...Oh crap, I used to go to the tanning bed a lot....

...NAHHH, Rach, Calm down your fine, The bump has been there FIVE YEARS. If there was anything to it, you'd know by now!

I for some reason, I guess cause I really just HATE to sleep or something, continued out of sick fascination to click on more and more articles.

so basically, after 30 minutes of reading on these medical websites I came to a conclusion....I should have died last tuesday around 4:30 in the afternoon.

I talked myself into about 4 terminal illnesses and perhaps a mild case of a skin rash.

I then went into the kitchen where my husband was cooking a high fiber dinner. He takes one look at me and says- "what happened?!? why are you so pale??"

I told him what I just did to my poor little brain and then proceeded to curl up on the sofa in a little ball of paranoia.

I am SO calling my doctor in the morning. Ya know, just in case. I have this free healthcare I may as well use it, right??

(oh and P.S. totally off topic, but I just tried to "like" an email my mom sent me. I think I may be using facebook a LITTLE too much. maybe.)


  1. Oh my gosh, I tried to like something not on facebook the other day. I can't remember what I was looking at online, but I kept looking for a like button!

    And I'm the same way with medical sites. I have to force myself to stop looking at them before I get too worked up. Especially when you have to enter your symptoms. I start to think I might be experiencing symptoms I'm probably not.

  2. oh god! looking up medical info on-line is a sure recipe for panic! ay yi yi! been there done that, MANY TIMES AND IT ALWAYS FLIPS ME OUT!

    does your man like brown rice? lotsa fiber! good with almost anything!

    cheers to you and your man! and may you enjoy good health today and EVERY DAY! oh that was so lame. sorry! but hope you guys have a good weekend!