Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts- Its not actually tuesday anymore but it was when i started catching up on my reader.


Its tuesday again- no actually its wednesday- but its only 12:31 so that doesn't really count does it?

I just finished working 6 days in a row, no big deal, but when you are switching between working until 10 pm and 2am every night it wears you out.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in Ireland. the sun was out, the birds singing. Today, on my day off in which i ran errands all day? It was raining- that slow soft, but persistent rain that soaks everything despite coat and umbrella. Oh weather irony must you be so cruel?

My iphone tells me there is a chance for sun thursday. fingers crossed.

So my hints worked- James bought me the newspaper album from Radiohead. I can now obsess (in 2 months time of course) the way I want to. materialistically. They have such great products and artwork. I loved the set I got for In Rainbows and I can't wait for the new set. Must get a record player to listen to the vinyls.

Is this just me or do men with long fingernails gross you out? me? completely. Even if they are kept clean and even- still disgusting in my book. I have a total aversion to it and hate taking money off men with long fingernails. (i tend to remember the people that gross me out and save potty trips for those times- i know, im evil. I can deal with that.)

I went back to my WW meeting today. Tail between my legs and all. I went off the rails the last week and a half with all of the stress of james being in the hospital and my schedule being completely flipped upside down. I didn't go insane and eat myself into a coma or anything, but i definitely didn't track a thing. I thought for sure it would have been some insane number, but thankfully it was only a pound. And I was wearing soaking wet jeans and bad shoes to weigh myself in. So It was probably even less than that. So huzzah! But no more excuses!

So the big election is on friday here in Ireland. They are voting in (hopefully) a new political party into power. The one that has been in place, well lets just say its fallen from favor. No surprises there. This is a party that everyone's grandparents have been voting for for years now and no one has cared enough before to do anything about it. Well now that they are up shit river with no paddles and a burning boat all of the sudden everyone has their panties in a bunch. I don't have a vote so while I've been watching and listening, its been very passive. I do really hope that a good party gets in that will actively make good and smart decisions for this welfare of this country and the citizens cause lord knows we need it.

Speaking of- the differences between how elections are run here and America have been interesting. Essentially this is like a run for President. But there are no commercials on TV or radio with politicians trashing one another. Nor are there signs doing any smack talk. There isn't really of it to be found (unless you read the newspapers or watch RTE but I religiously avoid both print and nightly news in this country- i find more reliable information on the internet-at least i think). Its really refreshing not to have every other commerical not be some crooked politician talking about 30 year old rumors of their opponent. "did they inhale? What were their grades?" WHO CARES??
So its been refreshing to have a campaign and not have to listen to all that crap!

I had more to say but James walked in the office and threw me off my rambling groove. I had to concentrate on the evil stare and my mind can only do so much in one go.

This blog makes me laugh even on days where I don't want to laugh. I wish I had her mad microsoft paint skills.


  1. Yes, Radiohead was indeed great news! What's your verdict on the album? I've only got non-committal responses from my friends so far...

  2. hmm the phrase walks softly with a large stick comes to mind. At first I didn't think too much besides I loved codex and bloom was deceptively wonderful. After giving it several listens in several different formats (laptop, stereo, headphones ect.) I really do love this album. Its similar to in rainbows, but more- you know what im saying? It sounds very simple at at the start, but when you really listen- there is some great musicality there.

    and so what is your opinion?

  3. Getting better with each listen, and I'm taking pleasure in each listen, and I'm putting it on again now as I type. It's pretty much the same reaction I had for In Rainbows, which I still think is one of the greatest albums made.
    I'm going to see The National tonight though, so will give the King of Limbs just one more listen before I switch into concert mode. Then I'll look forward to playing Radiohead tomorrow again!