Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm so random I'm playing Random Tuesday Thoughts on Wednesday


Even though Keely is taking a hiatus with RTT I enjoyed it so much I'm gonna obnoxiously continue for a while :)

Its been sunny for almost 2 weeks in Ireland. This is NOT NORMAL and I'm loving it!! Everyone keeps saying "oh I bet this is our summer- We won't have weather this nice again" and all that crap. I refuse to believe it. (even though that IS what happened last summer) ppssshhh. Its still cold enough for a coat. (well that's kinda true during "summer" as well.)

James and I have signed ourselves up for the Great Limerick Run. We are going to do the 10k (walking people- I'm just not there for the running yet) But I'm pretty excited. We are walking for the Shane Geoghegan Trust (the charity my friend Mark, who is climbing Everest as we speak- is raising money for.) Shane was a rugby captain at a local club here in Limerick and was killed in 2008, an innocent victim in the gangland war they are having so much trouble with here in Limerick amongst other cities in Ireland. He was actually shot point blank in a neighborhood right next to mine which is insane since we live on the "good side" of town- its super quiet here. It was a huge shock to the community and is still creating waves today. Ireland isn't nearly as violent as places in the states can be, but what violence they have creates a huge impact since most communities here are fairly close knit.

Anyways I'm getting distracted. I'm excited about this 10k- Its something I NEVER would have been able to get James to take part in before he was hospitalized and diagnosed. Ever since then he has really turned over a new leaf and I'm really proud of him. He's pushing me now when before I was the one always pushing him!! We woke up early this morning and walked an 11k loop just to see how we would do fitness wise. We did it just fine although I have to say my legs are pretty tired!

I'm also considering starting the couch to 5k program. I've run 5k before (not in a race, just on my own) but it was a long time ago and I want to get James started running as well. I wonder if anyone else has tried it- any thoughts on how well they liked it?

Here's an irish phrase for the day- Craic. (pronounced Crack) It's an irish word (I think? bastardized irish perhaps?) that means to have fun, good times ect. Its used a number of ways like if someone asks you how a get together was you might say "Oh it was a great craic" or people might greet you by saying "hows the craic" or how your weekend was by asking "So any Craic this weekend?" Everyone uses it over here and I picked it up pretty quickly. I find myself using it often without even realizing it. I actually said it to my mom the last time I called her....then I had to explain I WASN'T talking about the drug. haha!

Sunday is mothers day in Ireland for all the mammys. (they dont say mom or mum, its mam and I can't freaking say that word right to save my life. I pronounce it like ma'am as a good southern girl was taught from birth and its meant to be pronounced shorter, like baaa but mam. gah!!) Jame's family never does anything for their Mam but I know if it was mother's day in the states and I didn't do something for my mom she would kill me (with guilt of course) so I am applying the same rule to my MIL and forcing James to get her flowers. Its the least he can do, apparently he was born with no pain killers and that boy has a large head. poor woman.

This picture could apply to most "reality" shows lets be honest. Like Bridal Plasty- has anyone else seen this ridiculousness?? I saw an episode last week and about choked on my tea. Prospective brides doing "challenges" to compete for plastic surgery. Multiple plastic surgeries. there is so much wrong with this entire concept I don't even know where to begin. And then worst of all?? At the end of the episode where the loser bride is voted off the host says "I'm sorry, now your wedding won't be perfect." .....seriously....WTF. And people wonder why so many women have body image issues.

Mt. Dew is officially in Ireland. Winning! (I couldn't help myself) although its a sort of energy drink type- not 100% the real stuff. But I will probably still have it every so often just for the taste.

Which reminds me- I only have about 9 weeks until I go to the U.S. Wow- saying it like that makes it seem like its no time away. SCORE. I may just be able to retain some sanity until then. However it will probably be the longest flight over of my life haha!!

alright- I've rambled enough for one day- I have two loads of laundry giving me the stink eye. literally.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vroom vroom

Well I finally got around to doing something that I've already been doing for years now.

I got my Learners Permit today.

You see, since I come from across the pond and we drive on the right side of the road (I mean that in BOTH senses of the word right) I can't just switch my drivers licence over to the Irish one. Despite the fact that people from main land Europe can and they drive on the right side of the road as well. I won't even get myself started on that.

So now I am semi- licensed to drive legally in Ireland. Not that I was driving illegally here but once May 10th hits and I've been here a year my American license becomes no good here. Boo.

There is definitely a lengthy process to get your License here- unlike in the states. First you have to go and get the drivers theory test materials. A huge book and CD-ROM so you can take the practice tests. That costs around 40 euros, maybe more I can't remember. There are 851 possible questions for the test and you have to go through all of them and memorize them for the test. No Fun.

Then comes the actual Drivers Theory test- there is no practical before you get your learners, just questions about general driving knowledge. You have to schedule this test weeks prior to taking it and also pay 37 euros for the test. You also have to get 2 passport pictures for the test. Thats 7 euros.

Then after you pass the test (assuming you do, if not you get to pay another 37 euros for a second test.) You have to schedule yourself for an eye examination- doesn't matter if you had one a week ago or a year ago- they have to fill out a specific form to hand into the motor tax office. Thats another 30 euros for the eye test (we got lucky cause specsavers still has their half price sale on eye tests- so 15 euro for us)

After you gather all of these bits, take all your tests, track down your passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate (in my case), sign over your first born etc. You can then go to the motor tax office. They take all of the information you have pain stakingly spent your days off getting together, staple it together in a massive lump and charge you 15 more euros for a laminated piece of paper they stick one of those passport photos you spent 7 euros on, with.

Wala. Now I can do something I've been doing for years now. Thanks Eire. It only cost me 114 Euros. Can't wait for those driving lessons (at 30 euros a pop.)!!!

But look- they look so weird compared to the American ones....

You see- its like a little book- folded up inside a plastic sleeve. I personally like the cards better- they fit better in the wallet!! But the background/water marks are pretty- kinda hard to see in the picture...

Here is the inside- it folds out into three-tells you the restrictions, what i can drive, expiration etc. Also please ignore the horrible passport photo. I always seem to Chandler Bing it up when I need to take any sort of official photo- I get this horrible grimace and half eye closed thing. ugh.

P.S. you wont get any sort of crazy good information about me from my permit so I'm not worried about posting it. just my address- so crazy internet stalkers feel free to send me care packages of american candy and oreos. thanks.

In the middle it lists what vehicles a person is permitted to drive with their license. Apparently on top of being able to drive a car they have decided that I should be allowed to drive tractors as well. (see on the very bottom...) I think I just may take them up on I'm off to go find a farm with a spare tractor.....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts- The worst question you can ask me


I couldn't think of a title past the RTT so I asked James who is sitting next to me to say something thinking I'll use his random blurb as a title.
R- Say something
J- Huh?
R- Say something
J- like what?
R- I donno, anything
J- Well I dont know what that is....
R- anything, the first thing that comes to your mind.
J- that is the worst question you can ask me.
R- Sigh. fine.

No imagination I swear it.

I picked up an extra shift at work tonight. Hurray for extra money!! I'm squirreling away all extra money for the states! Whoo hoo States!

I helped this woman at work yesterday who was visiting Ireland from America. What in the world she was doing in Limerick I don't know. (I'm telling you this city is not a tourist attraction. In fact, in most travel guides they either dont have Limerick listed even though its a pretty big city for ireland, or they say DONT GO THERE YOU"LL DIE or something along those lines.)
ANYWAYS- So just chatting briefly with her and she was saying how great she thought it was here and would love to bring her family to live here. I wanted to grab her by the collar and scream dont do it!! But instead I smiled and said, yes ireland has its nice bits. and then wished i could get on the plane home with her. Its waayyy overdue for a trip home.

On an exciting bit of news- Ireland is officially getting mountain dew. oh sweet nectar. I just wish they would cop on and get diet mt. dew. But i'll take what I can get.

Heres an interesting tidbit. There is a phrase used here, well actually two- Your Wan and Your Man. Its used when you are talking about a person, usually someone you don't know, to another person. For instance, Your Wan in the grocery store was a right slapper. (in american speak that mean that woman in the grocery store was a slut) another example would be Your Man over there is a proper Gowl. (this is a little more specific to Limerick slang, but it means that guy over there is a jackass, jerk, horrible addition to the human race etc so forth and so on.) Your wan and your man is used for anything and is a common everyday thing to say. I've picked it up and use is frequently now. Except, there was a little hitch when I learned the phrase. You see, Your Wan is ALWAYS in reference to a woman. I thought (because of the accents) people were saying Your ONE. So i figured that one was interchangeable. It lead to a lot of confusion and me calling many guys women.

Also, instead of asking Can I help you (at like a check out or fast food place or ect) people here say- Are you alright? This gave me a lot of confusion at first- instead of going up to check out I would look at the cashier weirdly and say yes I'm fine thank you, which lead to me getting bumped from several lines until i figured out what the hell was going on. And it also gave my husband a great deal of humor. har har.

The night before last I couldn't sleep. Tossing and turning and looking at the clock every half hour. I hate those nights. Well despite the lack of sleep, I got up and ran my errands early in the morning determined to accomplish lots that day. I got home around 10:30 and sat down to read the blogs in my reader. About halfway through I fell asleep. sitting upright, in the computer chair. For two hours. I woke up a little after 1 p.m. stiff as hell wondering why I was sitting, staring at a dark computer screen. I don't think I've fallen asleep like that since I was a little kid haha!

I really really hate the road safety commercials they have here. They are so graphic and gruesome. I know you shouldn't hate things like that, but seriously I HATE them. actually, everyone I know hates them as well.

here, have a taste.

That video is like a best hits of all the worst commercials that play on tv here ALL OF THE TIME. Its really not cool to see dead bleeding bodies while your trying to eat lunch.

Alright people its almost 1 am and I am headed to bed. I have to be rested for my mani/pedi tomorrow (WHOO HOO!!)

Monday, March 21, 2011

How is this month over halfway over already???

I can't believe how fast this year is going by. Each month is flying by faster and faster- gah!

I have been keeping myself pretty busy over here with mini trips, lots of celebratory drinks, a little bit of work and a healthy dose of procrastination.

I have plenty of things I want to share, such as my trip to Galway (amazing btw! If anyone ever goes to visit Ireland I definitely recommend at least a night in that city!) and how my first St. Patricks day was. (I was NOT horribly disappointed like everyone was telling me I would be!)

I will be working on these shortly since they involve plenty of photos, which James has hoarded on his computer.

Also a few things done here and there that I've been putting off for too long. A decent hair cut and color finally, and we also got a Wii fit. And wow, did it kick my ass. Either I am THAT bad out of shape, or it really will replace my need for the gym....for the moment at least.

And hey, any exercise I can do in the comfort of my living room and not out in the cold, rainy and windy irish climate I will take any 'ol day.

So there is more to come. And hopefully it wont take me another 3 weeks to get around to it haha!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Seester Dear

I've been thinking a lot about my sister today.

Shes the reason behind why I'm blogging.

Speaking of, go check her out here- shes pretty freaking awesome. (I'm not biased I swear it)

Its been nearly two years since I've seen her, which is entirely too long.

She moved to Brazil in 2009 and now I'm here in Ireland. I think there should be laws against sisters living in different hemispheres. Who else am I going to watch trash TV and gossip with?? My husband SUCKS at gossip. (which is a good quality blah blah blah)

I remember living in Utah with my sister.

We fought like cats and dogs- but we also had some great times living together. Like when we shared a mini basement apartment. We were living in the same room, but it was HUGE. Our enormous closet doubled as a computer room/pantry. We ended up majoring in the same subject in college so we would head off to class together (everyone knew us as "the sisters" in class)- inevitably one of us would fall asleep while the other took notes. Then we would go home and watch trash TV while eating pretzels and "studying". It was so nice living together, I remember having so much fun hanging out with my big sis.

We got each other through family vacations, a divorce, two re-marriages, bad clothes, bad boyfriends, crappy jobs and dragged each other to the gym.

She was there when I graduated, I was there when she got married.

Its been hard being so far away from each other- being in such different situations. I would love nothing more than to live close enough to go and hang out with her whenever I want (and not so close as to where I can not see her when we are driving each other nuts!). I'm hoping that one day that will happen- that we will live near each other and be able to do sister things together (and drive our husbands insane in the process haha!)- like christmas and shopping, and of course, gossiping. (its just not the same in different time zones!)

Miss you snaggle face!

(Oh and I am posting this lovely picture because I know she will just DIE when she sees it! What else would annoying little sisters be for?)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts- Sticking it to the man. Well not really, but I would if I was allowed.


Once Again I am leaning on my favorite crutch RTT with Keely. Shes awesome. just saying.

Ok So if 2011 and I were in a fight- 2011 would totally be winning. This year is kicking my ass. A friend of mine has a theory that every year that ends in an odd number is a great year and every year that ends in an even number usually sucks. I'm wondering if my years are backwards from hers. I'm trying to remember 2009- I can't remember the beginning so much (probably because between full time college and work I had 80 hour weeks and no sleep) but the end of the year was awesome! So maybe 2011 will turn around? right? Growing pains in a new decade?

So today I woke up in a great mood. The sun was shining, hubby made me a cup of tea and some toast, we had plans in town all was good! I walk out of the house, up the path and see this:

Talk about your instant rage. You see- my apartment complex has this parking management service who happens to be notoriously horrible. They clamp at a moments notice, no warnings and even clamp people who aren't supposed to be clamped. Like people with parking passes, or people without passes in visitor spaces. and its 120.00 euros to get un-clamped. That ain't cheap.

I was parked in the space I ALWAYS park in, and have done so for several months now. With my parking permit clearly displayed where it is ALWAYS. so why was I clamped? no F*&#ing clue. I start calling the parking people- no answer. I try calling the landlord, no answer, the property management people, no answer. Its tuesday afternoon- where the hell is everyone?? I finally get in touch with the parking asshole- he told me that my pass was expired so he clamped me- and to F*&k off. Literally- he said that to me. James is so lucky I didn't break his phone on the hood of his car because I really felt like it haha.

To make a long story short- our landlord never paid his property fees- even though he was sent three notices. He says he was uninformed and therefore never knew the pass was to expire. And so we were never notified. No notices, no warnings nothing. Landlord says its not his fault, doesnt want to pay for the de-clamping- I say this is definitely not my problem and I dont have the money in the first place, and you can only guess what the parking guy said. (it starts with an F- use your imagination) After many long phone calls and an afternoon of stress and yelling the car was un-clamped. The landlord paid for it, but wants us to pay half back in our rent. I don't think so. Its SO not our fault he didn't pay his fees. I will be having another conversation with him no matter what my husband says. (he wants to let it lie. but its the PRINCIPLE DAMNIT!)

And now I have to figure out how to get the rest of that sticker off my window. GRRR.

James is finally starting to consider moving to America. When we first got married he said he would NEVER live in the States no matter what. After nearly a year of me being here I think he has become a little more open minded. I wish we had the money to do 6 months here and 6 months there. Then we would never be too far away and miss too much. This plan either involves a rich benefactor or me becoming a commercial pilot.

Anyone still ever wonder what they want to be when they grow up? I'm nearly 26 and I still have no clue. I think i'm hitting that choosing a career deadline. I feel like I have about 10 different things that I could do or might want to do, but what would I really like to do? Whatever it is, retail is NOT it! I've done that one for a decade, figured I don't like it so much haha.

Tonight after grocery shopping we stopped in Tesco hardware before we went home (ummm i'm not sure how to describe it. Its like if you took the groceries out of target, and condensed it about 1000 times and put it in a little shop- minus the awesome clothes.) I needed to buy two sympathy cards (these things happen in threes right? I guess I should have just gotten the other card for safekeeping while i was there...) And Jame and I go and peek at the DVD's. We always do this, but rarely buy. James starts saying hes been thinking of buying me the Sex and the City 2 Dvd for a while. (ok you guys, I might have mentioned I wanted this dvd once or twice, but rarely ever bring it up- strange for james to remember it...hmmm) I told him that it was ok, That if we are going to buy a DVD I would rather have a different one. He says, ok fine we'll get both. I said- well ok- If your sure. Yes he was.
We get home, cook dinner and I say ok, lets watch one of the movies! I offer to watch the non- SATC dvd and he said, no lets watch SATC.


I think I've turned him into a fan. And the other night when I came home from work- He told me to turn on SATC. His excuse was so i could watch something I enjoy.....but, I think....he secretly enjoys the show. He wouldn't admit this on his deathbed of course, but stranger things have happened.

I need a hair cut. I am going to go super short again. I go in these phases- I grow my hair out (i usually get it to my shoulders and then go nuts cause its too long) and then chop it all off and keep it short for about a year. Its about that time. I'm also going to dye it super dark brown or extremely blonde. I have no clue. Thats how I have been feeling about myself lately- completely unsure of whats going on. But thats ok, it'll all get figured out

ok enough narcissism for the day. Tomorrow I will attack my 60 plus blogs (one day of not reading! augh! )