Friday, February 4, 2011

This is what happens....

When your sleep patterns get completely screwed up.

Every. Single. Week.

Now that I've been reduced to working part time I have four days during the week to get my sleep pattern sorted. In bed by midnight, read a little bit. Snuggle with the hubs, sleep.

Then- the other three nights- I'm working late. The earliest I get home is 11pm. I'm usually too wound up by then to really get quality sleep time. I end up in bed by 2 at the earliest. The worst part? I have three days in a row- one day I work until half ten, the next- until two-freaking-o-clock in the morning. inhumane i tell you. Then the next day I work until half 10 again.

After this three day period my sleep pattern? shot. its now 3:38 am and I am wide awake. Wishing i was in bed with James snuggled up and fast asleep but I know that's not possible. And if i was in bed right now I would be keeping him awake. sigh.

So instead I watched tv- hunched over infront of the space heater with my woolly blanket. Then I eventually smell burning. I look down to see I have melted the front of my slipper on the space heater. You know, the one I'm WEARING.

I decided that maybe sitting in front of the space heater was hazardous to my health. And toes.

So now I'm in the office- sitting NEXT to a different space heater. Toes and blanket (kept it with me) appropriately spaced from the device.

It has been a terribly windy day, it seems that tomorrow will be the same- all i can hear, over the space heater, is the wind howling around the house. Hopefully it won't be raining as well tomorrow- It was literally raining sideways most of the evening.

We finally had a bit of good news today. James got his grant. (he should have had it in November. They have been jerking us around for MONTHS now) So he gets to pay tuition and gets himself a new shiny (much needed) computer. And we have a little breathing room. Whew.

I got a call from a job that I applied for. Oh irony. It was tesco, again. The job ad never said the company that they were looking for a manager for. I interviewed with tesco a few months back. Its honestly my dream job at the moment. Its pretty much exactly what I did and loved and excelled at back home working for target. When I had my interview in October I was pretty much told I had the job- Was told my pay and expected hours and even employee benefits. Everything but this is your start date and here is your name tag. I came home on cloud nine.

But then, I never got a phone call. Instead I got a letter. Thanking me for my interest, but that I wasn't qualified for the position. a lie. Bold-faced lie infact. The district manager told me himself I was EXACTLY suited to the position. I called to try and find out what happened, what went wrong and of course, every time i called someone was in a meeting. How convenient.

Anyways, long story short- So now I may or may not be up for another Tesco job. I'm not holding my breath. I would LOVE to get that opportunity. It opens so many doors for me. I'm split between thinking this is fate that I get a second chance or its a very mean joke from the job gods.

I just wish sometimes I could go up to someone, anyone, that could give me a great job- grab them by the shoulders and say- " I am the BEST thing that will happen to your company. Just hire me and give me the chance to show you."

I went and had a tea date with a friend yesterday. I don't really know her terribly well- she runs in our large circle of friends, but whenever we are out and I've been able to talk to her I've always really enjoyed my conversations with her. So I decided to be quite forward and ask her out. Haha it almost felt like going on a first date! I went to the wrong place at first and was all nervous and awkward when i finally showed up 5 minutes late.

We ended up having a great time though. We chatted for two hours and three cups of tea. (I'm talkative if you couldn't tell so that's never HARD for me. HAH) She told me that she was actually nervous before meeting me (i wasn't the only one hurray!) but that shes really glad I wanted to meet up. I really like this girl, But i don't want to be all forward crazy like "lets be best friends forever, can I braid your hair???" I have a great group of friends here, but the girls I have gotten super close to all either live far away or have babies. I would really like to get close to some girls and have people to meet up for a coffee or see a movie with. I'm really missing having close friends like that around me. So who knows? I'm hoping something good happens. I feel all middle school awkward about budding friendships again. But since I'm in Ireland for the foreseeable future I think making some solid roots is in order.

seriously...this wind is making me paranoid. I feel like I'm listening to the sound track of someone in a tent in the arctic. It may be also that it is now 3:53 and I am up, like a hermit with a woolly blanket, hunched over a laptop.

Stupid sleep pattern.

I believe I am going to go and attempt to correct this.

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  1. Wow your sleeping schedule does suck. Its a lot like my husbands sleep schedule though, he has insomnia & it's sucks. Big. Time.

    I know exactly what you mean about getting together with a new "girl" friend, it's a bit awkward at first. But I'm totally happy that you guys got a long :)