Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts- sometimes some people just need a good kick in the teeth.


Its tuesday once again, and once again I am using my blogging crutch to get me through my period of total un-inspiration. But go check out keely- Shes pretty awesome :)

I got about an hour of sleep last night- thats rounding up. Between trying to fix my sleeping pattern back again (thanks work!) and a sick husband tossing and turning and flailing all night sleep was a challenge to say the least.

so needless to say my patience is paper thin today. Thank goodness I only have 9 hours of work ahead of me. har har.

Weighed in this morning at WW- no great weight loss this week. infact, I stayed the same as last week. I'm actually ok with this- I didn't have that great of a week so I'm glad I didn't GAIN anything. This week will be a different story though. Maybe its portion sizes? Maybe its eating too late at night (sometimes this is unavoidable with working nights and all)- I donno. I'll have to figure something out though.

I caught James watching Sex and the City last night when I came home. He says he was too sick to change the channel. LIES!!! I finally caught him in the act. He must be an in the closet fan. MUST be. Now he can't complain when I watch and he happens to be in the room with me.

Now that I can't go home until June I've been contemplating going on a weekend trip somewhere here in Ireland. I honestly havn't seen much in and around the country and I am going INSANE stuck here in Limerick. I think getting out and being touristy for a day or two would really help me get my mind sorted. I just don't really know what I want to go and do. Dublin is too obvious and I've been there and a lot of other places are kinda of inconvenient to go and see. Apparently Waterford sucks- So if you have ever been dying to go there because you love the crystal, dont bother. My husband suggested going to see the Book of Kells, which I think would be pretty cool since the images are so amazing. He also want to see some solstice thing, Newgrange, Which I KNOW is a hill with a hole in it.

Not exactly trip of the year in my book. And I can almost guarantee that it is stuck in the middle of nowhere and takes an hour and a half from dublin by bus and we will be there for 15 minutes and it will take an hour and a half back. Seriously I sound like such a bitchy old lady right now. I'm tired, gimme a break.

Anyways who knows, anywhere different would be nice I think.

I have read all of my new books and I am rereading some at the moment. I think I need to find some new authors or series of books. Any suggestions? I heard the hunger games were good but I can't find them here....

I love this commercial.

While I'm posting youtube....

such good memories.

I hope everyone has a great tuesday and I hope I make it through without seriously harming anyone. Unless, of course, if I run across the person who made this website. He will not leave unscathed.


  1. My patience gets paper thin when I haven't had much sleep - especially if there's a flailing sick hubby causing sleep issues. ;) Hope your hubby feels better soon!

    RTT: All About Nothing

  2. That was a super cute commercial. Did you see the Doritos one with the pug? I have an insane love for pugs so I might be biased. But I thought it was freaking amazing. : )

  3. I did see that commercial somewhere....can't remember where. I need to find a website with all the good superbowl commercials on it! oh and yes that commercial was hilarious- remind me to never egg a pug on.