Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts- I wish my coffee cup had an auto refill option


I am playing Random Tuesday with Keely again. And its been a hell of a week since last tuesday.

First of all- an update....I got a text off of James this morning. He has been scheduled for his CT today!!! its scheduled for 2pm- right at visiting hours time so I shouldn't show up until around 3. I'm ok with that. IT BETTER BE DONE WHEN I GET THERE THOUGH. If not expect rage of torrential proportions.

I will be SO relieved when it has been done. I will be ok even if they keep him another day. Then at least they wont be denying him food and water.

And a side note on all this hospital crap- I think i picked up something from being there so much. this is no good. fingers crossed I didn't. But my raging headache is telling me something different. I'm hoping its stress and nerve induced though!

I have been on a total 90's kick of music lately. Pandora does not work in this country- even though it USED to. It stopped shortly before i moved here. jerks. So I use youtube for my music fix. This week I was trying to think of some songs i loved back in the day- I had forgotten how much great music bands like the counting crows, three doors down, goo goo dolls and ben folds had put out. I think it is totally true that the music you liked as a teenager will stick with you. I think kids today would think of it as either depressing or completely lame. But I have great memories attached to these songs.

So i got this pushed through my mail slot first thing this morning....

Gee thanks Jehovah's Witnesses...I'm glad to know the end is near. I mean, 2012 is just right around the corner right? Also the mooses (meese?) chilling in the field with the pumpkin loving people, its just great art right there. Who doesn't love doomsday messages at 9 am??

I love this blogger Tulpen. I've been following her blog, somewhat uncommenty since it was another blog. She makes me laugh cry and wish i was a better writer. She had a great post today. Had me crying first thing, good tears though.

Then this had me laughing immediately afterwords.....Its kinda true, not really, but it seems like it some days!

I hope everyone has a great tuesday and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for good news today!


  1. I've been going through a 90's music thing too. Which reminds me that I have to have the hubs download me some new music.

    I'm glad James' is finally going to have his CT done, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you guys!