Monday, January 31, 2011

Back on the wagon...

two wagons actually-

first of all I'm job hunting again. Not that i'm unemployed, but i dont get enough hours at my job and where I work is a less than desirable place of employment. Working until 2am? no thanks...working with crazy mcCrazteron boss? no thanks. We honestly can't afford to have me working there, so I'm looking. The problem is there isn't much out there. Unless you are an engineer or in a medical field. I am neither.

I feel like those jobs hunting websites and online dating websites bear a lot of similarities....actually too many similarities.
-First of all you are looking for jobs in a localized people.
- There are a lot of attrative options....that lead to dead ends. (or fake profiles)
- The job lists all kinds of requirements that are impossible for any person to actually meet.(or people with insanely high standards)
- The job looks great, the pay looks stellar, but there is always a catch. (like a hot guy who is 32 living with mom.)
-Then when you finally find a job that everything fits and you send in your CV (resume if your in the states) you are held up against a list of other people and are judged point blank. Do you have these skills? did you word everything correctly? What kinds of jobs you've had in the past? Its so unfair because you can't really convey to someone through a CV what kind of worker you are, or what kind of person you really are. I hate that selling yourself aspect of it all the most. I am a phenomenal worker- I have always busted my ass at every job I've done and I have always progressed very quickly. But looking at everything I have written down, its hard to get a complete understanding of that.
I think that would be a lot like someone sending you thier dating profile and you go, well hmm they sound great but they are a brunette. and here is this girl who has all of the same qualities with blonde hair. and perkier boobs. well blondie can be a total dumb ass and brunette could be awesome. But how could you really truely ever know? you cant!!
Its all so impersonal.

(I just have to say as a side note- I've never actually done online dating sites and i'm not knocking anyone who has or uses them.)

Also some of these jobs??? they are suspicious.
ok- here in Limerick we have a lot of street charity fundraisers. They harrass you while you are out and about walking around for some charity or another. You ALWAYS see them. In fact we call them chuggers (charity muggers) because some of them are so so aggresive. I have been nearly knocked down several times in the past by these people. I'm talking really aggresive. Well so I was looking online at some jobs and found an ad for street fundraisers....the pay is 350.00 euro per week....thats a LOT of money for what they are doing. its 350 PLUS bonus....WTF. I don't believe it. I smell some manure. So i'm not applying but I'm calling the contact number, cause really? all that money for that? hmmm. suspicious. And if its true then people of Limerick better watch out- I'll be the next person out there knocking you down for your 15 cents for water in Africa. LOL

My second wagon that I'm on- Weight Watchers.

My first stint with them before christmas? it was O.K.- but I wasn't as sucessful as I wanted to be. My motivation was lacking and combining that with christmas. failure all around.
Now that there is the new program out and now that spring is getting closer I wanted to give it another go. I knew I had gained all the weight I lost back and then some (going to the first meeting totally confirmed that!!) and I wanted to be proactive before I got really down in the dumps about it.

The new program?? Its great- I love it. I love that I can eat all the fruit I want and that foods have gone up in points. It really makes me more aware of what I'm eating and I like that. I like that it's almost forcing me to eat more fruit in a way. My body feels better and after 2 weeks on it I can feel some changes. I had only lost one pound after the first week but i feel its going to be a different story this week. I'm not one of those people who can lose a ton of weight right when starting a diet- it takes me a couple of weeks to get settled in new patterns and to kick start a loss. So hopefully I can make some real results this go around!

(also I have a family cruise coming up in June- if thats not motivation I dont know what is!)

I was thinking of getting the wii fit to get more active- its so cold out that I hate to take long walks and we definately can't afford a gym membership. Any thoughts from anyone that has one/used one? is it worth my money and does it actually help to get fit?


  1. UM, first up, you are DEAD RIGHT about the dating on-line thing. frauds everywhere! one guy i thought was cute told me the pic of him was 5 years old. FOUL! NO FAIR! COME ON ALREADY! and of course it made me wonder what else he was lying about. argh! job ads can be big fat lies, too!

    CHUGGERS!??!?!?! that KILLS ME! love it! i would want to slug them! gar! homeless beggers are bad enough! yeesh!

    and congrats on feeling good and eating healthy! last week i weighed myself and it was a bit better than i expected (but still NOT good). so then i went and chowed down all week and all weekend. HELLO SABOTAGE! back to the drawing board! it is all so ridic! gah!

    sorry for babbling! you/your blog can get me going! :)

    p.s. hope you find a SUPER job!

  2. Yeah I hear WW really works. Good luck. And happy Random Tuesday!

  3. Ok seriously he put up a picture that was 5 years old? who did he think he was fooling? what a jerk! I don't understand WHY people lie on these on-line dating sites....isn't the goal to eventually MEET know, in real life?

    There is a reason why natural selection exists. le sigh.

    Haha I think i am actually sabotaging myself this week. I've had three nights of eating, fairly healthy stuff, but eating non the less. I'm undoing all my fruit and veg eating from last week. *head, meet hand.....repeat*

    and thanks!! there is a job out there for me....somewhere.