Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm not good at withholding information...

Seriously I suck at keeping a good surprise locked away in my "vault". Now I won't spill a confidence or when I'm told that it must stay secret...but when I have a piece of good news I want the entire world to know.

That being said...it has been KILLING me to keep this fantastic tidbit to myself....without further adieu....

James and I found out last month that we were expecting....it was definitely a shock to me! I had a sneaking suspicion that I might be pregnant but steadfastly ignored it for several weeks. Finally curiosity got the better of me. I only took the one test and it wasn't even 30 seconds before I had two dark lines...no need to even bother with the second test! Excuse the crazy smile but I was more in a holy sh*t mind frame than the picture time mind frame! James took the picture and said "You better smile!!" before he took it- so this is my "Holy sh*t- what just happened" smile. HAH! 

I have to say, I've been pretty lucky, very little morning sickness (unless you count getting the stomach flu and an infection at the same time, which if that counts then I had 6 months worth of morning sickness in 4 days). Just mostly I've been tired and have had a sore back. So overall I have felt very un-pregnant. Which is great, but of course, me being me had me waking up in cold sweat during the night (between me getting up 4-5 times a night peeing ALREADY) thinking when they did the scan there would be nothing there. Between my paranoia and Dr. Google (seriously James nearly put child safety locks on my computer!) I had myself good and worried. 

All for naught though. Today we had our first Antenatal appointment (here they call pre-natal antenatal...why, who the hell knows, but when in Rome.) We finally got to see our little mini baby in all his/her glory! 

The Baby was kicking up a storm and overall quite active! We only got to see baby for about 30 seconds but that was enough. And yes, I did cry. Totally didn't expect it. And I cried for about a half hour afterwards every time I thought about the scan. Augh it makes me teary eyed now thinking about it. Totally blaming hormones on that one.

So here is Mini Baby- you can see his little legs kicking up a storm! (Can't feel a thing though- its so weird!)

You can just make out the thumbs up!

And another shot for you- Baby gave us the thumbs up during the scan- As James says- to calm down crazy Rach..."Everything is A-ok in here guys!"

So its a very new, scary and exciting chapter in my life over here. Its all starting to sink in and we are delighted! I promise I won't turn baby obsessed on you, but I will definitely be talking about the kind of care you get here and the differences (cause there are tons let me tell you!) between here and the states!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 I love the spring time....I feel like I'm waking out of my winter hibernation and the real world still exists beyond the confines of my fuzzy blanket and sofa cushions.

I've been trying to keep myself occupied between work and rainy days and have been taking a lot of pictures with my phone lately (and no its not a fancy iPhone, I've had one and I don't want one again, wasn't that over the moon about it...so BOOYA iPhone users! Just kidding, use whatever phone you want, I could care less.) mainly because I can't find the battery to my camera. I know its with the charger...somewhere...

I figured I would be lazy and instead of writing several posts I would gloss over the past couple of weeks with some snapshots from my phone...

The Great Limerick Run....I was so gutted I couldn't run it this year after all the training I had done! But my two girlfriends (and running buddies) ran it and had a great time! I'm looking forward to next year already!! I personally think its one of the best days to be in Limerick...There is such a great atmosphere in the city and so many events going on- even in the rain its hard not to have a smile on your face!

MMMM Cotton Candy...or Candy Floss as they call it here. I haven't had freshly made cotton candy in years and it was so freaking delicious! It was my birthday and even though I was stuffed to the gills with an amazing Chinese lunch James and I had just finished- I knew I couldn't walk through the French market without treating myself to a strawberry and orange cotton candy. (I wish it had been all orange though, seriously never thought it would be so good!) Lets just say that bad boy was demolished before I even got back to the car.

OK so I know this is kinda weird, ok really weird...but I always take pictures of my grocery shopping. Like when I do a "big" shop. We only do "big" shops about twice a month...sometimes less depending on how we are stretching out the staples. After we drag everything into the house I refuse to let James touch anything- I clear off the kitchen table and lay it all out...and take a picture lol! Its like I'm a hunter surveying my kill or something. A source of consumerism pride....look at what I've purchased! And at such a reasonable price! (btw all of the groceries we purchased on this trip came to like 42 euros. WOOT)

The escalator is out of order at work....except on the sign they put Travelator. Ummmm....that's NOT a word. Just saying. It made me laugh. (and that sign is still up by the way)

A lovely roast waiting for me when I got home from work. I have to say, I really lucked out in the husband department. I probably cook dinner about one night out of 6 a week. He is definitely the cook in our relationship!

This is what I am currently ignoring. A huge pile of laundry with my name all over it. Even the cat refuses to look at it. (I kid, he was distracted as I was taking the picture) I can feel the pile giving me the evil eye from the corner...I just have no desire to drag it down the stairs and begin sorting. le sigh. First world problems!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

Actually this shouldn't be Ten on Tuesday because the majority of the time when I write this blog its on a Wednesday or a Thursday haha! Procrastinate much? 

1. I have been beyond lazy this week. Its getting a little ridiculous. I mean I haven't forgotten to brush my teeth or anything like that but lets just say if James wasn't around my house would look like its been hit with an H-bomb. My motivation for all things beyond my couch is very very low right now. 

2. I've got some big stuff on the horizon. Its a very need to know situation at the moment which is cool. Everyone has these times in their lives....It's just that I suck at keeping a secret.(well not so much keeping a secret as lying about something) So basically I've locked myself away from the world for the next couple of weeks. This is doing nothing to help with the getting Rach off the couch motivation. 

3. There is a full time position coming up at work and I would really like to get it....I haven't worked a consistent 40 hour week since I lived in the states. While part of me has learned to love the short weeks and days off another part of me hates it! I miss the routine and especially the extra money. Imagine supporting two people off a full time salary instead of a part time salary....we could afford name brand condiments! 

4. My cat follows me everywhere. Seriously. I can't even go into the bathroom without him following- he knows how to open the bathroom door. Right now he is sitting on my feet at the bottom of the bed as I type this. Its kinda sweet and kinda maddening. Seriously kitty why can't you be the type that hides under a chair for 18 hours? Gah! 

5. I had an amazing weekend! It was River fest in Limerick for the first weekend in May so that meant fireworks (woot!), boat races, a marathon and lots of yummy food! I think that the Riverfest weekend is the best time of the year to be in Limerick...the city centre is crammed full of people, everyone is in a cheery mood and even the weather cooperates! (sunshine woo hoo!) I even had myself a 99 on Saturday it felt so summery out! (a 99 is what they call a soft serve ice cream cone here...and they stick a cadbury flake into it...which is a type of candy bar. they aren't 99 cents though...which is misleading in my book....why else would they be called 99's?) 

6.  Ive started watching that show 2 Broke Girls (they just started showing it on TV here...) and it is so funny! I made James download the entire first season- I'm loving it. The one girl Max is just so snarky. I wish I could have her one-liners. I also like the fact that she is a normal size....not a zero! She is by no means fat, but normal! Nice to see that on TV! 

7. I have a ton of pictures on my phone that I would like to post here but I am feeling too lazy to email them to myself. So this post will be sans photos. sorry guys. 

8. I seriously lucked out in the husband department. I mean, he can drive me insane sometimes but overall? Best guy ever. If only I could get him to start noticing dirt and then I'd be set. haha He made me homemade biscuits tonight and was so delighted that I thought they were biscuity that he posted a picture of them on facebook saying they got the "Rachael seal of approval". I think I'll keep him around for a while. 

9.  Why are razors so cheap but razor heads to so expensive?!? 20 euros for 3 razor head refills? total ripoff! Its cheaper buying a whole new razor. grumble grumble grumble. 

10. I have to go to the Gaurda Station tomorrow to renew my residency...hoping that the picture turns out good. There is something about those official licensey type pictures that I tend to get all nervous and made the weirdest face. I end up looking frightened and constipated all at the same time. Not so flattering. Fingers crossed they have my information correct this year as well! last year they had down that I was married to my Father-in-law instead of James. Typical. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Under my skin....

It's 2 in the morning and I should really be asleep by now, especially since I have to work in the morning but insomnia has got the better of me. As does something I saw on Facebook earlier tonight....

This person (who I will be deleting as soon as I'm done copying/pasting) is someone I used to work with...a little odd but seemed alright. We also graduated University together in the same program. I know he's a cop now and is pretty vocal about his political stance but I never thought he was this much of a....ugh there's not a nice word here so I'll let you fill in your own blank...

The woman in front of me in the grocery store struggling to breathe because she's so fucking fat from her 3 cart loads of Doritos and Ho Ho's had nothing to say when I leaned in and said "you're welcome". She said for what? and I replied "because I work 70 hours a week to pay my bills and yours...enjoy the Ho Ho's." I've never seen Wal Mart so quiet. And I'm out!
 That was his lovely status I came across and it really disturbs me. Hes got plenty to say about universal health care and welfare and "Obamacare" but its one thing to have an opinion and its another to verbally harass members of the public. I mean...WHO DOES THAT?!? (btw...there were several more lovely examples of his "observations" but this was the one that pissed me off the most)

I'm pretty upset by what I read there- I for one hope that he is lying. That would be nice to believe. But he seems to be enough of an egotistical jackoff that he probably isn't. I mean, he doesn't know this person or her situation. What if she wasn't on welfare, and if she is- what business of his is that?!? NONE. This person could be on the verge of suicide, could have just lost a child, spouse or family member, could be terminally ill- or a whole host other other very personal issues. What right does he have to judge this person based on one shopping trip to wal-mart of all places? 

And for another thing...this is the REAL WORLD. Sometimes people need support, need welfare and housing assistance. That's why these programs exist. Why judge someone just because they have fallen on hard times?? He goes on about how he has worked since he was 15 and earned every single thing that he has had....well guess what buddy?? So have I!! But life isn't always simple and easy. When I first moved to Ireland I was on social welfare. It took me 5 months to find work and I had assistance for housing and groceries- my savings weren't going to be enough to feed and house us until I found a job. Does that make me a bad person? Maybe he would think so, but I know who I am and I know that every single person has their own unique situation and that I can't judge them for how they support themselves. 

I'm pretty thankful that Ireland has the social welfare system that it does. It is by no means perfect, but it means that James and I will never be homeless and I can go to the hospital or the doctor and not break the bank, and actually afford our prescriptions. It means that if he or I lose a job we are not up the creek with no paddles. By no means do I think that makes me lazy (Even though I complain I love working) or less of a person, or worthy of being JUDGED by someone who perceives themselves better than someone who needs assistance. 

He should be ashamed...I know I'm ashamed for him. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hubs is earning is stripes

Sorry I have been MIA as of late....

Recently I have had lots of changes (more on that later) and been picking up more hours at work (WOOT!) and also getting horrific stomach bugs and infections in the same weekend. (that I do not recommend friends. It is not a recipe for good times).

I was meant to go to Dublin on Saturday for a large company Ball that is hosted once a year-all inclusive stay in a lovely hotel, drinks, dinner, dancing....the nines. Unfortunately about 5am Saturday morning I woke up sicker than I have been in years. After spending about 6 hours throwing up everything I might have eaten in the last 2 weeks I decided that driving 2 hours from home wasn't a wise decision. Boo Hiss. I guess there's always next year!

Anyways I'm still in recovery mode...Its amazing how being sick can really reduce you back to the basics. Yesterday was my first day back eating solid food- after each small meal I was so worn out I proceeded to take a one to two hour nap. It was pretty awesome, I'm not going to lie. It was a small glimpse of the beauty that could be my retirement.

 I went back to work today which was fine but extremely tiring. After I got home I made the mistake of lying down on the couch...this made me completely useless...and makes me happy I married the person I did.

James has been a trooper this past week from running to the shop several times a day for more 7up and having to rebuy broth (seriously Swanson's...how hard is that!) to clean up after he ripped the puke bag (poor guy....if I wasn't so sick I would have laughed...and helped him clean up) to making sure I'm taking all of my meds.

Today was no exception...I was trying to eat dinner but I just couldn't seem to stand the thought of food. I started getting a craving for Motts applesauce...which of course doesn't exist here (and actually I don't recall seeing applesauce in the grocery stores...) so James googled recipes and started making me homemade applesauce. An hour and a batch of applesauce later...no dice. I couldn't eat it. By this time I had a hankering for pudding...you know the chocolate Jello kind. So James goes to the store, buys the closest thing here (Angel Delight) and whips it up....no dice. Poor guy, struck out on both accounts. Later on after he finished cleaning up the kitchen he made himself a bag of popcorn and settled down next to me. I then ate his entire bag of popcorn. Seriously, James had no chance of getting any. Either I am the world's worst wife or I married the most patient guy ever.

Side note here- First time blogging with new blogger layout....Don't like blogger homepage yet but I do like how the composition format is laid out! I will definitely be getting around to commenting soon- I've really enjoyed reading blogs while laid up in bed I just need to get the will to put words on the screen!