Thursday, February 24, 2011

I guess it all boils down to perspective

A friend posted this on facebook this morning- Along with complaints about how she is getting RAPED with these prices.

A year ago- I would have agreed whole-heartedly.


Well now is a different story.

I would LOVE to pay 3.29 for a GALLON of gas. I am nearly paying that much for a liter. (in dollars that is- its near 1.50 euros for a liter, you do the conversion) Its about 4.5 liters for a gallon of gas in America.

The math isn't hard here people.

That's nearly 10 American dollars for a GALLON of gas.

No, wait. lets be exact. I'm paying $9.27 per gallon.

A year ago I would have freaked out 3.29 a gallon. Now I'm paying 9.27 with no complaint. I understand now why everyone hates when Americans bitch about gas prices.

Don't get me wrong- I understand America is bigger, I KNOW that Americans drive more, not because we want to- but we HAVE to. I had a 45 minute commute to work each way back in the states. which wasn't that far. Here in Ireland that's almost unheard of.

I know the engine sizes are bigger in America, I know that the culture demands driving and demands cars. But now that its in perspective? I was spoiled. Spoiled by cheap prices, easy access.

I still drive here. Its a luxury though and not a necessity. I could ride the bus, or rather, several- to get to work. I could ride a bike. I can walk to the grocery store. I have a car because it was a conscious decision and I pay dearly for it. Its worth it for me because it gives me a sense of freedom that I don't feel i have otherwise. It makes me feel more "at home" than to not have a car.

So now, I don't bitch about the prices. I don't look down on other people complaining. I get it. I have now been on both sides. I also now understand how important it is for alternative options.

So $3.29? yeah I bet that stings, but enjoy it while you have it. The days of 1.30 for a gallon of gas are long gone now.

(oh and she was at BP anyways- why would she EVER buy gas from them...tsk tsk.)


  1. Americans do have it easy. I think there is only one country that pays less for gas than the U.S.

  2. dude. this is all so true. i have to drive an hour each way to work (11 miles takes an hour in los angeles -- just shoot me). gas is expensive here, but still relatively cheap. the u.s. transportation system is NOT what it should be. we are so reliant on cars. and mass transit really doesn't exist in la. it is one of my biggest gripes, as my life is being wasted away in traffic. SERENITY NOW.

  3. oh yeah- public transporation in america is dismal considering we are a first world country. actually my husband was SHOCKED when he came to the states and realized that the city i was from in virginia (richmond) didn't have proper public transport. or that most places didn't have public transport at all. Here in limerick (which is a small city) I think the transportation is great- when in reality its just OK. but end of the day- you can get where you need to go when you need to get there with no car. try doing that almost anywhere in america? not happening. A lot of people who have never really been to the states (new york city doesnt count!!) dont seem to realize why we need cars!