Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is there such a thing as dumbass proofing?

Cause if so, I need it.

So yesterday between my one hour of sleep, running husband to doctors, going to my WW weigh in and getting ready for work I was a little scatterbrained.

By the time I was leaving for work I felt pretty good about my morning so far. James was all taken care of, left on the couch with juice and water, I was actually going to be 5 minutes early for work and my hair was looking good.

I go outside to my car, hop in. Seat belt on, car in neutral, parking brake off. Key in ignition, turn...nothing. (huh??) Turn key again. Nothing. (WHAT??) Look down at the light switch. Its turned to ON. ($#*&^!!!)

I left my lights on. GAH.

There is no dingy noise for when you leave your lights on. Like most cars now a days. the Jelly Bean of Death is all hardcore like that. Pretty much if you drive this car you better have your stuff together cause if not you'll be sitting there like a big 'ol dummy like I was yesterday.

I run back inside all flustered like, I decided to call my MIL since she is a stay at home mom and even though she is fairly busy, she is always willing to help cause she's awesome like that. She happened to not be at home and away from her car, So no help there, no worries. The problem was, while I needed to go and call a cab company to get a taxi to work, she had a sudden attack of talkitiveness. She was asking a bajillion questions and was telling me some long drawn out story. Normally I enjoy conversations with her, this was not the time. After about 5 minutes of my silent hurry up please please please dance I was finally able to butt in and tell her that I needed to go and call a taxi and thank you so much and another time and so forth and so on.

I call a taxi.

Taxi arrives, drives me to work. Driver was nice fella. They always ask me if I'm from america and wonder why the HELL I'm living in Limerick. I completely agree with this statement most days.

Get to work. Taxi cost 12 euros (I'm thinking what the HELL, how does it cost THAT much) I swallow my cheapness and pay the man.

*BTW this was the worst week for this to happen since I have now all of 4 euros to last me until friday. hurray for working part time. *

Anyways- This morning my FIL comes over to jump my car. Now this is a man who is always in a rush, even when there is nothing going on. Its like if he doesn't do whatever he is doing at top speed then its not worth doing. You should see him eat dinner- he should seriously enter contests. ok, thats besides the point.

He hooks up the cables, but in his rush doesnt notice that he hooked up the wrong ones in my car. As he puts the last cable on there is a shower of sparks. I say to him- "Ummm pretty sure that shouldn't have happened." He went to start his car. dead.


We then spent the next ten minutes getting his car started, which basicially involved him steering it around and me pushing it back up the road of our complex. I bet it was a great show for the neighbors morning cup of coffee.

We finally got my car started with no problems after all of that.

and now I need some dumbass proofing on my car. I can forsee this happening again.

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  1. omg. what a day!!! argh! if you are anything like me, you have to learn the hard way about some stuff, and sometimes you have to experience it TWICE OR THRICE before it sticks in the old noggin'! argh!

    re: heirloom tomatoes. they are multi-colored and DELICIOUS. the baby ones (the small ones) are the best, by far. they are just super good. re: cucumbers. i am a picky fuck. american cucumbers are KIND OF LAME. english cucumbers are long and firm and snappy. persian cucumbers are small and snappy. i have never had an irish cucumber, so i can't weigh in on those! suddenly i am thinking that this must read as SEXUAL schlong banter, but i am just talking cucumbers here, not schlongs. lol! LOL!!!