Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts- Sticking it to the man. Well not really, but I would if I was allowed.


Once Again I am leaning on my favorite crutch RTT with Keely. Shes awesome. just saying.

Ok So if 2011 and I were in a fight- 2011 would totally be winning. This year is kicking my ass. A friend of mine has a theory that every year that ends in an odd number is a great year and every year that ends in an even number usually sucks. I'm wondering if my years are backwards from hers. I'm trying to remember 2009- I can't remember the beginning so much (probably because between full time college and work I had 80 hour weeks and no sleep) but the end of the year was awesome! So maybe 2011 will turn around? right? Growing pains in a new decade?

So today I woke up in a great mood. The sun was shining, hubby made me a cup of tea and some toast, we had plans in town all was good! I walk out of the house, up the path and see this:

Talk about your instant rage. You see- my apartment complex has this parking management service who happens to be notoriously horrible. They clamp at a moments notice, no warnings and even clamp people who aren't supposed to be clamped. Like people with parking passes, or people without passes in visitor spaces. and its 120.00 euros to get un-clamped. That ain't cheap.

I was parked in the space I ALWAYS park in, and have done so for several months now. With my parking permit clearly displayed where it is ALWAYS. so why was I clamped? no F*&#ing clue. I start calling the parking people- no answer. I try calling the landlord, no answer, the property management people, no answer. Its tuesday afternoon- where the hell is everyone?? I finally get in touch with the parking asshole- he told me that my pass was expired so he clamped me- and to F*&k off. Literally- he said that to me. James is so lucky I didn't break his phone on the hood of his car because I really felt like it haha.

To make a long story short- our landlord never paid his property fees- even though he was sent three notices. He says he was uninformed and therefore never knew the pass was to expire. And so we were never notified. No notices, no warnings nothing. Landlord says its not his fault, doesnt want to pay for the de-clamping- I say this is definitely not my problem and I dont have the money in the first place, and you can only guess what the parking guy said. (it starts with an F- use your imagination) After many long phone calls and an afternoon of stress and yelling the car was un-clamped. The landlord paid for it, but wants us to pay half back in our rent. I don't think so. Its SO not our fault he didn't pay his fees. I will be having another conversation with him no matter what my husband says. (he wants to let it lie. but its the PRINCIPLE DAMNIT!)

And now I have to figure out how to get the rest of that sticker off my window. GRRR.

James is finally starting to consider moving to America. When we first got married he said he would NEVER live in the States no matter what. After nearly a year of me being here I think he has become a little more open minded. I wish we had the money to do 6 months here and 6 months there. Then we would never be too far away and miss too much. This plan either involves a rich benefactor or me becoming a commercial pilot.

Anyone still ever wonder what they want to be when they grow up? I'm nearly 26 and I still have no clue. I think i'm hitting that choosing a career deadline. I feel like I have about 10 different things that I could do or might want to do, but what would I really like to do? Whatever it is, retail is NOT it! I've done that one for a decade, figured I don't like it so much haha.

Tonight after grocery shopping we stopped in Tesco hardware before we went home (ummm i'm not sure how to describe it. Its like if you took the groceries out of target, and condensed it about 1000 times and put it in a little shop- minus the awesome clothes.) I needed to buy two sympathy cards (these things happen in threes right? I guess I should have just gotten the other card for safekeeping while i was there...) And Jame and I go and peek at the DVD's. We always do this, but rarely buy. James starts saying hes been thinking of buying me the Sex and the City 2 Dvd for a while. (ok you guys, I might have mentioned I wanted this dvd once or twice, but rarely ever bring it up- strange for james to remember it...hmmm) I told him that it was ok, That if we are going to buy a DVD I would rather have a different one. He says, ok fine we'll get both. I said- well ok- If your sure. Yes he was.
We get home, cook dinner and I say ok, lets watch one of the movies! I offer to watch the non- SATC dvd and he said, no lets watch SATC.


I think I've turned him into a fan. And the other night when I came home from work- He told me to turn on SATC. His excuse was so i could watch something I enjoy.....but, I think....he secretly enjoys the show. He wouldn't admit this on his deathbed of course, but stranger things have happened.

I need a hair cut. I am going to go super short again. I go in these phases- I grow my hair out (i usually get it to my shoulders and then go nuts cause its too long) and then chop it all off and keep it short for about a year. Its about that time. I'm also going to dye it super dark brown or extremely blonde. I have no clue. Thats how I have been feeling about myself lately- completely unsure of whats going on. But thats ok, it'll all get figured out

ok enough narcissism for the day. Tomorrow I will attack my 60 plus blogs (one day of not reading! augh! )


  1. Dude I cant believe they put a boot on your car! I'm glad you finally got the landlord to pay it though, it's totally not something you should have to pay for. I love SATC but have to admit I did not enjoy movie #2 as much as I though I would. I've also converted my husband into a fan of the show but he wont ever admit to it, lol.

    I like the hair cutting idea. I've been feeling pretty frumpy lately, maybe that's what I need, change. I think you look good as a blond but because you have really fair skin I'm sure brown looks great too. You'll have to post a pic once you decide :)

  2. Ahhh! I love Stephanie! And I love you. It makes me so sad that you are both so far away. I sure do miss you guys.