Friday, September 24, 2010

When boobs go bad

I ran across this disgusting little internet tidbit today.

How is that sexy?

She looks deformed. I wonder if she can even get hugs anymore.

Do men actually find that sexy? I would be afraid of being smothered. Or seen in public with this woman.

and what about medical ethics? I guess if your willing to pay enough money....

What do you think? Sexy or horrifying?


  1. She is basically what I aspire to be one day. Actually not really. It's gross. I wonder how she exercises. And when those things start to lose their battle with gravity, well let's just say she'll never be in need of 2 huge soccer balls to kick around. (But then again maybe fake ones don't sag. I can't honestly believe that would be the case with these...they're huge!)

  2. those things look like they're about to burst out of her skin. *gag*