Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts- a day late but not a dollar short


well so it has been quite the week. Lots of ups and lots of downs.

Lots of drinking as well. Had a friend over last night for "coffee". Every time I plan on meeting up with a girlfriend for coffee it turns into drinks. We had three bottles of wine and I had a hangover at 9:30 at night haha.

So I heard about the job this morning. I got a letter in the mail. A rejection letter. Talk about depression. I was feeling a little too sure about getting this job and i set myself up for disappointment. I called the company today to talk to the person I interviewed with. I want to know exactly why they didn't feel like I was good enough for the position. I'm not saying they made a mistake, I just want to know. I don't think there is anything wrong with that right?

Well so you know that old saying when one door shuts another one opens? I was having such a depressed day. Beating myself up, sad because I wanted a job so badly. Thinking of everything that we are going to have to put on hold while I start this entire process over of finding a job. Around 9pm James gets a phone call from a good friend of ours. He is a manager of a 24 hour service station and he offered me a job. No strings attached and I start tomorrow!!! I don't know all of the details, like what shift I'll be working and how many hours and the pay etc. But this is good friend, trustworthy and honestly I don't really care. I'm just so happy to have a job and a place to go and work! Another good friend of mine also got a job at this same place and is starting tomorrow too! We called each other and gushed (he is a 28 years old about 6'4- not at all the gushing type but we were excited). I'm so happy- this was out of the blue and there is rumours that it might be full time!! Finding a job in a country with 13.8% unemployment is pretty damn tough so I consider myself lucky!

And I'm starting to get nervous! What If I don't understand a lot of people? the accent can be hard for me to get! What if I screw up a lot? What if- What if? Well I know I've had a lot of challenging jobs in the past and have always succeeded. I just haven't had a first day of work in four years and in a new country. JITTERS!!

ok so maybe this post isn't as random as I thought it would be.

So husband and I are battling an addiction. Its become all consuming. In fact we didn't even budge on Sunday because we were overdosing....on Frasier

We are most of the way through season 9. Its all we have been doing for about 6 weeks now. We are total Fraiser addicts. James is forever singing the theme song- or he might sing a line and look and me and I finish it. Its embarrassing but it needed to be put out there. I think we are going to have major withdrawal after we finish. We cut ourselves off for half a day and it was too much for us. I think we lasted until about 8pm.

Yeah me getting out of the house is a good thing.

I got this in the mail this week. I haven't started reading them yet but I'm excited. I haven't watched a bit of true blood and I don't care too but I've been eyeing the books for a while now and I'm excited to see what all the fuss is about.

Thank all of you for your comments on my last post. It's a hard thing for me to talk about and admit to myself. I'm going to my first Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow. Its going to be a big day of firsts for me. I'm excited to get working on myself! I talked to a good friend about it last night who did WW and she looks amazing- she lost 2 1/2 stone (ummm like 28 pounds!) and she was skinner than me starting out so I'm hoping for good results if I stick to it like I should be doing!

I'm going to go and get ready for my big day tomorrow! Woo Hoo!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! this is radical! major score!!! the first day jitters of a new job are a bit unnerving (literally), but then you'll be over the hump and on your merry way to paychecks! yay! i hope it goes well!

    and i hear good things about weight watchers!

  2. Congrats on the job(s)!!!

    Read the books!!! I was a total crack head for them, read all 10 in like two weeks. Yes I neglect my children. So worth it.

    I haven't seen the show yet, but I REALLY REALLY want to. That big hunk of Swede gets all sorts of naked. YUM!!!

    ps: my word verification was 'reado'. I swear. It is a sign that you must read those books.

  3. Thanks guys!! Ive worked two days now and lets just say its been a big learning curve. But I'm just happy to be earning money and out of the house! and there are ten books? i only have 7 hmmm i must do research!

    Yes i will be reading the books as soon as i finish my terry pratchett book!