Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Its flannel season!

I can tell winter is coming. The days are shorter, the air has a heavy yet crisp feeling. Its colder- I can definitely tell the change in temperature. Ireland isn't known for its heavily insulated walls and thick windows. More like single glazed, old, drafty. And the street I live on happens to be one of the oldest- time can only tell how old this building is. So cold- yes, cold.

But the change of season is exciting for me this time- it means I get to bring out my winter clothes! I love my winter clothes (maybe cause it covers my fat ass more? haha)- they are always cuter and more dressy than my summer clothing. I felt so classy last Saturday for a christening/ birthday celebration but alas no pictures. Thanks camera- hoarding- no-picture-taking-husband.

I got flannel sheets. they are blue and oh so soft. I love them. They were so worth the 24 euros. (which isn't much but for el cheapo ((i.e. me)) its a lot!). We only had one set of sheets before (gross I know but I washed often!) and so I said damnit- its time. Went and saw them and couldn't resist. So warm and fluffy and perfect for winter!

This post is taking me forever because I'm watching sex and the city. I love this show a little too much. My husband is on the computer pretending to read some wikipedia page about some somebody but i know he is really watching SATC. I see those sneaky glances.

Speaking of hubs- he is super sneaky. He ordered me some American goodies....

That would be a huge package jam packed full of easy mac (YUM) and squeezable grape jelly. I remember the days when I thought grape jelly was a universal thing. oh how naive I was. Grape flavored things don't exist here. They just don't do it. They think its weird or something. Instead everything is blackcurrant. Anything and everything purple that is supposed to be grape flavored- nope. blackcurrant. Seriously who cares about blackcurrants? ugh. Not even any grape juice here! jerks. But now I can have a true PB&J. So thanks hubby- I love being spoiled by you!

On a side note- I can't eat any of this right now due to being on weight watchers. I mean- i totally could but is it worth 12 points for a pb&j? le sigh. no. but maybe i'll have a screw it i'll starve for mac & cheese and pb&j kinda day. James also bought me a ton of mt. Dew today. that's 3 points a can. why he couldn't do this before the diet? oh well. mt. dew is worth it haha!

so yeah I love my job. well no, I don't love my job. I love having A job. I work in a gas station. Its not glamorous at all in the least. but its work that gives me money and the opportunity to do things. it would be more awesome if I didn't have a boss with horrible people skills that everyone ever dislikes. who also is a micro manager and has a serious case of nepotism. he has been breathing down my neck the past two shifts. Can't do anything right for this guy. No matter that I have 10 years of retail experience, was managing 250 people in my last job and have not one but two college degrees. This is what I tell myself as I'm on my hands and knees scrubbing down shelves in a gas station. I know i know i know- this is all part of being an expat. you have to start from the bottom. again. its like being 15 all over again. that's ok- I'm starting over and I have a clue this time around. So you better believe I'm going blow it out of the water this time. I have a champagne taste- and while right now I'm on a beer budget you better put that don perignon on ice!! (ok sassy self talk over.)

Yeah so while we are happy (well kinda) with our apartment we are SO ready to move. We found a great place right near my work and the university for only 100 euro more a month. its 3 bedrooms and 2 baths (an en suite in the master! check!)- its modern, has a washer AND a dryer. AND a dishwasher. fully furnished with internet and cable. AND has an alarm system. with a garden. It is EVERYTHING that is on our new place check list and then some. Its not a semi-detached house but it has more perks than most of the ones we looked at and its about 100-150 euro cheaper. And honestly- yes a house would be fun but it may be a little overwhelming for us so newly starting out. We are looking at it Friday and I'm super excited. It's available on the first and if we like it we are taking it! We will probably lose our security deposit on this place, but its worth it to be out of a one bedroom, everything half falling apart place in the middle of a very very noisy and somewhat dangerous area of the city.

oh yes and I can get my little white dog if we move into this place. I'm dying for one of these...

ok I promise to post that part duex post if not later tonight then tomorrow. I'm having a causal dinner party tomorrow based on a drunken bet that I can make the best American style meatloaf that has ever been tasted. ugh stupid drunken confidence. here's to hoping I can pull an amazing meatloaf outta my sober ass.


  1. I love it when it starts getting colder - I have better winter clothing than I do summer duds. And besides, you can layer in the winter and be cozy - you can only take so many clothes off when it's freakin' hot! ;)

    Very cool that your hubby ordered you some American goodies! I would have thought grape jelly (or grape anything) would be universal, too! Learn something new every day... ;)

    It sucks having to start at the bottom...again.

    The potential new place sounds perfect! And you'd be able to get your little white dog, too! ;)

    Good luck with the drunken meatloaf bet - maybe you should drink while you make it... ;)

    RTT: Summer's End, Winemaking and Barf

  2. I was reading through your recent blog posts and was thinking, "I wonder if Rach and Steph ever thought they'd both grow up, get married, and move to other countries to live?" Probably not, I'm guessing. I think it's amazing that both of you are adjusting so well to a different lifestyle and just going on with life. I'm sure it's not easy (heck, moving to a different state hasn't been easy for me.) Anyway, I loved catching up on your life. Can't wait to read more!