Monday, September 13, 2010

all the small and simple things

I have to say since moving overseas I've realized its the simple things that are the hardest. Giving up my car? It sucked- I loved that car. It was the show room car and I was so proud since it was the first car I bought all on my own. But now I don't even mind not having a car (unless its pouring rain and I have a long walk ahead of me). Its kind of nice actually. Giving up my job? It was hard, but also a relief- I was over worked, unpaid and while in a position I loved to have- I was expected to do way more than necessary and always on unrealistic deadlines. not opportune. Unemployment was miserable but bearable. Moving away from my family? well that's always going to be hard no matter what. But my family is so split up and so far away from each other already, even living in the states. So while hard, it wasn't as different as I thought it would be. (thank god for emails and skype!)

Whats really been hard for me is the simple things. The everyday stuff. The way people do small talk in the states, what you can expect walking into a store, good weather. (ha-ha) One thing I miss like crazy that I never thought I would-Ice- oh ice, I under appreciated you for so many years. Who ever realized the simple pleasure of being able to go into a shop and get a cup and fill it with ice. Not I. I crave ice some days. Its not that I can't fill some ice cube trays and stick them in the freezer or go to Tesco and buy a bag, but its just not the same. And iced coffee? I miss it so much sometimes I can almost taste some of Wawa's finest. (and you haven't lived if you haven't been to Wawa....le sigh.) Even James misses wawa- and hes about as Irish as you get!
Wawa- gotta get it!

I miss not sticking out- when I can get through an entire social outing and someone not mention something about America to me or some little joke about me being a yankee its a great thing. It's nice to be one of the crowd. I miss not having an accent or new people asking me why I'm living here. (now that I'm working in with the public I answer that question about 20 times a day) I miss understanding all the little odds and ends that everyone else seems to do naturally. And understanding everyone?? that's a whole other thing! The Irish not only talk fast, but the mumble and talk softly (unless they are drunk haha).

When it comes to shopping- I miss knowing where to go to get a good pair of jeans or a nice pair of shoes or even a sewing kit! I miss one stop shopping, I miss big grocery stores (not wal-mart!!) and sams club. I have no clue where to go here that isn't super cheap (Pennys- the Irish branch of the English primark stores. You can find really cute stuff there for super cheap, just don't ever plan on washing it and wearing it again lol) or super expensive like debenhams (kind of like nordstroms). I will never take Target and Kohls for granted again!

I know that none of this stuff matters at the end of the day- ice, shoes? pish posh. Its just more whining and moaning on my part. But this stuff is also the little bits and ends that make up a life style. My way of living has completely changed since moving here- as it should. Its helped me grow and learn a lot about myself and what I will and won't compromise on when it comes to change. Moving overseas has really humbled me- I have been knocked down many a peg, which isn't such a bad thing.

So I've been here four months now, which is nothing in the end, but its been quite a summer. I'm hoping that the small things won't be so noticeable soon. And on a very exciting side note- I found mountain dew- one more small thing I can cross off my list.


  1. That would be such a hard adjustment. You have a great attitude though! What is the deal with no ice? Why don't they have it and do they not make iced coffee or what? I would miss that FOR SURE!

  2. no! No ice!! It sucks!! you go to a fast food place thinking I can get ice here- no! forget about it! Although mcdonalds has ice but I hate them so much gah! And you know how you can walk in most places and get a fountian drink? doesn't exist here. And iced coffee? HAH no not here either. Although they were experimenting with an iced frapp at the coffee shop on the corner- which was actually a coffee milkshake. oh well it was cold.