Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts- The Bannana Man is Full of it


The hot water heater in our apartment is banjanxed (irish slang for broken)- it broke completely a couple of months ago and took our landlord about a week to get around to. So now it only has hot water in the morning and if we want hot water any other time of the day we have to put a two hour boost on. and wait. So my choice this morning- shower or dishes. Shower it is!

I'm going on a road trip today with a good friend from over here. She goes to college in Cork and is moving back for the semester and wanted me to come along so we could have a girls night. I have off the next two days from work so its perfect for me! It will be my first time going there and I hear the city is really nice. Another thing on my stuff do to in Ireland list crossed off. Also its going to be the first time since I moved over that we are apart for the night. We really are that stuck together kind of couple- just not in the mushy "I love you so much! No- I love you more!" Kind of way. We just enjoy each others company all the time. But I think a little time with friends will do me and him good!

So I got this great purse right before I left the States. Its an over the shoulder bag which are great to have when you are walking everywhere- doesn't fall off your shoulder. That can be so annoying when you have a thirty minute walk ahead of you and you are constantly pulling your bag up on your shoulder. Also it makes it harder for someone to grab my bag off my shoulder and run. (there is a lot of petty theft in the city). Well this purse that I love and have been using for four months solid is falling apart and I can't seem to find a reasonably priced bag to replace this one that has all the same features that I like about it...except for these:

These are all Orla Kiely bags. Shes an Irish designer that does all kinds of home decor and bags and wallets. She has a really simple, bright and distinctive design and I love her stuff! I've known about her for quite some time since Target had her do a collection for them a while back. Her bags don't come cheap though- Its about 160 Euros for one of these purses. Which when thinking about it, for designer isn't so bad. But still- if i got this purse the El Cheapo in me is saying "This purse better last me 10 years." But I really want one. I see people all the time walking around with their Orla Keily purses and I totally get bag envy.

The weather is really crappy outside. Just saying.

Limerick had a "50 Sexiest Men in Limerick" competition in one of the local papers. Apparently an Italian guy who own a pizza place beat out Mr. World- who happens to be from Limerick (?). But as I was looking at the names on the list for the rest of the 50 I happen to spot number 47. It was none other than Limericks own Willie O' Dea. Hilarity. Want to know why its hilarious?
This is number 47. He looks like an aging mario brother. And he is a total joke in these parts. He was minister of defense for the country and I'm not sure exactly what happened, but apparently he made some very stupid remarks and now he is no longer minister of defense. And hes back in Limerick. You get plenty of Willie O' Dea sightings- I saw him last week. And chuckle every time.

ok I guess I should go bathe now. People might appreciate that.


  1. Have fun on your trip/stay with your friend. My husband & I are the same way, we usually always do things together. But it'll be good for you guys to miss eachother for a little bit;)

    Also, that dude totally looks like an ageing mario bro. lol & he is SO not sexy.

  2. He so does!! and then this week the Taoiseach (irish for prime minister) was wasted on his weekly radio address. Its all people can talk about here. And there was good ol' Wille looking for his further 15 minutes and standing up for the Taoiseach when the rest of the country was in outrage. Hes as smart as he is good lookin.