Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sunny Summer Days

Today was a rare, beautiful sunny day here in Limerick. It was one of those kind of days that make you appreciate all the dull gloomy weather we get here in Ireland. It was warm, little to no breeze and constant beautiful sunshine! A real pleasure!

All day I wanted to get out and be in the sun. I had my manicure (which was nothing like the manicures I had in the states. sigh. something I have to search for over here as well), then I dragged James out for a coffee at one of my favorite pubs. They have a great outdoor area which is closed off, but still lets in sunshine- perfect for a nice coffee.

We went home and I cleaned a little, had lunch and sat around. looking at the thing I could be doing, such as cleaning, putting laundry away, getting ready for tomorrow. Then I would peek out the window. So beautiful- so sunny. I couldn't stand it! Days like this happen so infrequently! So I said to James lets go to the Locke and have one pint (the Locke is a pub on the river which has a huge outdoor area next to the Shannon- its where everyone in Limerick heads for a pint on a lovely day)

As luck would have it we ran into some friends down at the Locke. One pint turned into three (or was it four?) and a few hours later we finally left and headed on that walk we planned a few hours earlier. I was so tipsy I could barely make it back from the walk! Some Irish resident I am haha!

So instead of continuing on our walk any further I went home and make slightly drunk meat loaf, which I have to say for myself is much better than my sober meat loaf. Which makes me wonder if I should always cook half drunk- the food always turns out much better and cooks faster! (maybe this is an illusion. eh who cares. )

I now know that I should be preparing for my big interview in the morning by hopping in the shower and hopping straight into bed. Which I will do shortly- and I'm hoping that tomorrow is another sunny summer day with perhaps some excellent news on the job front! I have a dinner planned with a friend of mine and hopefully we will have some great news to celebrate over some glasses of wine!

On a side note- We are babysitting Jame's little sister this weekend while his parents are in London. I'm thinking some scary movies are in order (the shining anyone?). She didn't need to sleep this weekend right?

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