Tuesday, August 24, 2010

London in a flash

*warning- there are a TON of pictures in this post. some maybe no so interesting*

Well I'm back in Ireland all in one piece! Hurrah! It was actually nice coming home- I was actually looking forward to seeing the familiar streets in Limerick. I am getting old, becoming a homebody? whew i donno. I feel so-so about being somewhat homesick about Limerick in London. ANYWHOOO onto the good stuff!

We stayed with our very good friend Marian- who is a saint and not only let us stay with her and her very kind roommates for 5 days, she gave us her room as well, despite much protesting from both James and I. But I have to say, that bed was damn comfy. Remember that insomnia? I slept like a baby in London. (the street was nice and quiet as well). So Marian saved us probably 150 euro because London is very very expensive.

The Lovely Marian and James having a pint after she got off work!

We had a great time in London- it was 5 days, which I thought was a little long for one city (we tend to pack a lot of things in a day or two. We don't linger. We went through Europe last summer and the most we spent in one city was 4 days and we still thought that was long haha!)

It felt like we were spending about half the time on the tube- back and forth and back and forth. We were in Brentford which is pretty far west of central London so it took about an hour on the Tube to get to where all of the sights were. I have to say some favorites were the Camden Market (a must if you want to get any actual cool gifts in London- its no plastic statues and stupid shirts), a river cruise on the Thames and my personal favorite- the Pasties. If you have never had a pasty in England I strongly encourage it. I could eat them all day. Then I would be the size of a house. worth it? quite possibly.

On the eating note- There was Krispy Kreme- and it was good. Marian took us to Tesco shortly after we got into town (it was an amazing tesco- insanely huge and it had a tesco cafe....it actually reminded me of a nicer version of wal-mart.) As soon as I walked in the doors I actually smelled the doughnuts before I saw them. Marian described it as a dog on the hunt. Fairly accurate haha! The kripsy kreme was good, but not quite as good as in the states. but oh well you take what you can get!

ok enough blabbing, here are some slightly interesting pictures

This is the Camden Lock right next to the market....beautiful and sunny!

My Chai Tea at the market- it was a real Chai- impossible to find here in Limerick...James was rather grossed out by it...especially after I made him try it haha!

One of the many interesting statues in Camden Market- This was the stables area....seriously this market is insanely huge. I bet we only saw a quarter of it in the 3 hours we were walking around. its very mazey and seems to never end!

No explanation needed....but I got into this phone booth to take a picture and it smelled ungodly, as public phone booths do. So instead I found one in a tourist shop and took a much nicer picture in that one...
This is Trafalgar Square- always full of people usually climbing all over the statue. so much for a postcard picture!

The London Eye- I would love to ride this but at 17 pounds per person? I think not!

London Bridge- clearly standing contrary to the song.

Buckingham Palace- sadly I was not invited in for tea with her majesty. oh well, maybe next time.

Royal Albert Hall- its huge and beautiful, we went and saw the BBC Proms. Well worth our 8 pounds!

A decent picture of us? Who woulda thought it?

Westminster looking very beautiful on a sunny Sunday morning.

Parliament- and we actually have a picture that was taken by someone else!

On the Millennium Bridge- also known as the Wibbly Wobbly Bridge.

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  1. Wow...great photos. Looks like you guys had a great time! Thanks for sharing.