Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good things are going on

This week has been a pretty good week- the sun has been out three- THREE- days in a row. Its a weather miracle and my little iphone weather app is predicting sunshine all the way through next Monday! Hurrah!

Also I had that other job interview today. It went really well and I'm feeling fairly confident. I'm trying hard not to get my hopes up after the last interview fiasco, but its exciting to think that something good could come of this! I find out next week if I've been short listed and if I am then the interviews are the week after! This also works out pretty good for me since James and I are going to London next Wednesday through Monday.

So other than the fact that I cannot get my freaking sleep schedule in order (seriously- two nights ago I was up until 7am and last night 6am and tonight isn't looking too hot.) things are looking ok!

So thanks for all your comments on the last post- I know that a lot of people are in the same situation right now and everyone has had to deal with job searching. Its no day in the park and I appreciate all the kind words!

Now that I've gotten that interview over my mind is now focused on the upcoming trip:


I'm pretty excited about this trip- I feel like the last person who needs a vacation but its going to be so nice to get out of Ireland and maybe get some summer weather for a few days!

James and I have tickets to the BBC Proms which should be great and we are also planning on doing plenty of other touristy stuff! I would love to go inside of Buckingham Palace and a few other places like the Tower, but those happen to cost an arm and a leg. I really want to go on the London Eye as well, but at 17 pounds per person (and thats the reasonable price I think) its really expensive! Even converting to pounds from euros is still pricey. Any other place in Europe and we would be fine with the euro....grr England grrr.

I'm trying to think of some fun things to do- anyone have any good suggestions? I know for sure we are going to Soho and getting some early Christmas and birthday presents, also going to Piccadilly circus- I really want to see if i can't get some good shopping for cheap done there! Also they have Krisy Kreme in London- thats on top of my agenda haha. If I play my cards right I might even be able to squash that craving before I get out of the airport. There is also another few "American cravings" that I get to satisfy next week. *sigh*

I think I might have figured out why I'm not sleeping so well hah!

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