Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I've been reading random tuesday thoughts for a while now and thought I would play this week!

I'm going to London tomorrow! woo woo! i'm pretty sure the friend we are going to stay with will have a large stash of cherry coke for me. and im totally eating a kripsy kreme before I even get out of heathrow!

Im so coming home twenty pounds heavier. sigh.

I got an email today for a second interview for that new job! HURRAY!! I havn't had a second interview in ireland yet and i'm really hoping good things come of this! The business won't be open until october so that means there will be plenty of time to train and feel comfortable in the new position! fingers crossed!

I FINALLY changed my name on facebook. i got plenty of messages from people who didn't even know i was married. whoops? i guess thats what happens when you have a tiny wedding and dont blab about it all over the interwebs.

I have not had a good nights sleep in 4 or 5 days now. I'll sleep for 3 or 4 hours tops. maybe take a small hour nap in the day. its so frustrating. I'm pretty sure when I got up today I was the face of evil itself. James has learned to stay away until I've had coffee. I'm hoping tonight that i'll get decent sleep since my chest isnt killing me anymore and im taking a sleeping pill haha.

I'm thinking that I've overpacked. I took up pretty much the whole suitcase and james fit everything in his (or rather my) bookbag. you need ten shirts and 4 pairs of shoes for a 5 day trip right??


This was my happy dance today. I'm getting out of Limerick. I have a second interview. HAPPY DANCE!


  1. Congrats on getting out of town & the 2nd interview! Im the same way when it comes to packing, I always over do it & the hubs can shove all his crap into a backpack. Guess it's just a girl thing haha.

    Have fun!

  2. oh london! you will have the best time!!!

    and the 2nd interview?!?! SCORE!!! radical! you will wow them even more on round two!!!

    with regards to over-packing, the men always show us up! i went on a seven day trip a while back, and i brought 4 (or 5?) pairs of sandals (a girl needs options) and a pair of sneakers. also brought 6+ dresses, and at least 4 skirts. better to have too much than too little!