Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday- Randomly on Wednesday


I figured I wanted to play RRT again this week and it couldn't get more random by doing it on a wednesday!

Its 2pm- I should really put down the coffee cup and finish unpacking and cleaning. the washing machine is giving me the stink eye over the load I so carelessly left in there. I better be careful before my appliances start turning on me.

I got this new app on my iPhone called mappiness. Its a survey on happiness done in the UK. You get messaged anywhere from 2 times to 5 times a day asking you questions about your levels of happiness, relaxation, how awake you are ect. Then it asks you where you are, who you are with (if with anyone). It also takes a microphone sample of the noise around and if you so choose you can take a picture. Then you get lovely pie charts and bar graphs of your stats. A little intrusive but I find it interesting. Also eye opening since every time the stupid thing dings me i'm doing the exact same thing. hmmmm. motivation for switching my routine up? I think so!

I love the cushelle koala bear

He looks so cuddly- i keep telling james I want one. To which he says I don't want a koala because they aren't as cute as the toilet paper ones. dream crusher.

also on a side note- i know that the cushelle toilet paper is the same as a brand in the states but I can't think of it- I know its not cottonelle because thats andrex here.

Not like any of this matters- I use the 79 cents tesco value TP. One of these days we will have money for luxuries like double ply har har.

I really have a feeling that I will be employed by next month. I have my second interview for the jewlery store on friday morning. I'm not too nervous about the interview, I'm feeling fairly calm actually. I'm going in a little while to get a manicure for the interview- its a necessity you know! What if they don't hire me cause I have bad nails? (he he any excuse to get my nails try a pedicure!)

well my husband has just returned home. I should have been showered and ready to go by now. oops. Oh well more coffee!

I can't believe summer is ending- August flew by! As did July. I can't believe that I've lived in Ireland for nearly 4 months now. It doesn't feel like it especially since I'm learning new things every day still. Also its technically fall here- They go by the Roman calander, unlike the rest of us. So fall is on August 1st, first day of winter is November 1st, first day of spring February 1st, first day of summer May 1st. It works for the weather here- but I'm still going to go by seasons how I know them! and fall doesn't start until September 21st!!

And I never got my hot weather. It was cold in London too. Oh well- maybe next year.


  1. ah i think your right....charmin doesn't have a koala bear though right?

  2. Had a patient last night from Ireland. Oh how she misses it!!

    The seasons thing would totally mess me up.

  3. i bet she does- I've noticed how much the irish love to complain about thier country but most of them would miss it too much if they left (my husband is a perfect example). and the seasons thing? I just pretend like they do it the way I'm used to haha! so it's still summer to me :)