Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts- Like how many people in the car park can see in my living room. Maybe I dont want to know that.


It's Tuesday again and this week has flown by. These weeks keep going faster and faster and thats good, and bad.

School has started here in Limerick again- I got here a few weeks before it got out for summer. That means I've been here for an entire season- I should really stop biding my time like I'm going home or something.

I had my second interview on friday. (with thankfully no hangover from thursday!) Now I'm sitting here waiting all week to find out whether or not I have the job. Its just a think of patience now and I'm really not thinking about it at all cause if I do I'll freak out and convince myself I have no chance of getting the job. They really do make it way more stressful here than in the states. No wonder all the unemployed are driven to drink (har har)

We baby sat James's little sister all weekend- planned on scaring her to death with the shining but settled for the Addams family instead. I decided I enjoyed sleep more. Good weekend though- tons of sunshine!

The lock on the bottom door in our apartment is broken. It had been turning the wrong way and sometimes all the way around and our key getting stuck in it. This is no good especially since its directly on the street and with our luck someone will decide to kick our door in and rob us blind. So friday I call the landlord (keep in mind he has only ever given us one contact number) and he happened to be on holidays in spain. So he starts giving out to me for calling him on his holiday asking if he could have one day off and ect. He then tells me to find a carpenter and have them replace the lock and then get keys cut for ourselves and our snooty neighbor. I don't think so. I gave the landlord a peice of my mind. It's not my fault that he does everything lackadasical and that he is too cheap to replace anything in this apartment and that there is no way that I'm paying for any repairs on this apartment (he charges us way too much to begin with) Needless to say He was calling me back within the hour letting me know that it was being fixed. Damn right it was.

Speaking of our snooty neighbor- she seems to have disappered. We never really saw much of her anyways, but shes been gone, really gone for about a month. She has an ever growing pile of mail on the stairs waiting for her and worst of all she has left something in her house that smells awful and its getting worse every day. I wonder if maybe she was kidnapped and no one knew or maybe she hit her head and she has amnesia or maybe she is just on a long vacation. (probably the latter) but who knows- she didn't ever have company or talked to anyone that we saw. It's one of those things that you wonder about in bed when you've been lying there for an hour unable to sleep.

So my friend posted this on facebook yesterday. He is the kind of person who likes to stir the pot and the more controversial the better. For instance:

This rather disturbing article

I found the entire thing funny actually and the rest of us are still debating whether this website is for real or just a satarical site taking the piss out of fundamental christians. Some things on it are so ridiculous I think it has to be a joke, but you never know.

Its 2 pm and I'm sitting on the sofa blogging and drinking coffee when i should be getting dressed since the handy man will be at our house two days in a row and try and attempt to fix our broken fridge door. Its only one thing on the long list of stuff that is half broken in this house. sigh.

This makes me laugh. I'm not a bad person I swear it.


  1. Did you ever think that maybe your actual neighbor is stinking up the place? Like what if you are letting her rot in there? And I admit, the youtube video was funny. <3

  2. You might want to call 911 to check on exactly where that smell is coming from ;)

  3. haha i dont think its the neighbor- its not that kind of smell. its more of a "didn't take out the trash for a month" kind of smell. although that would suck if it was something else! I'll give it another month- if shes not back then I'll start making calls haha.

  4. Ha, ha that was my thought too. That maybe it was the neighbor smelling in there :)

    I hope you get the job. I know how hard the waiting is.