Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rain rain, go away....

...and please don't come back another day!

Well its definately been an Irish summer....meaning not summer at all. It hasn't hit the 70 degree mark in over a month! I don't believe I have ever had a summer where I end up with a coat on every single day! every so often I'll be "risky" and leave the house without a coat, but never without an umbrella! I've gotten myself caught in a few rainstorms with no umbrella already and have learned fast.

Every day since about late June the weather has been pretty much the same, overcast and most days sporadic rain. It wears down on you after a while, and I feel like the only person who notices! I know that this is normal for everyone else, but definately not for me! I am actually jealous of my friends when I hear them complain about the 100 degree weather in Virginia! (I never thought I would hear myself utter that sentence hah!)

When I first came here in May the weather was actually pretty good for about the first 5 or 6 weeks living here, fairly warm (low 70's) and sun almost every day! Everyone was complaining about the heat (hah!!) and saying well enjoy it now because this is your summer! I think i was nievely optimistic on not believing these people! I thought impossible- this is only the beginning of June, summer is just starting! Well no, if there is one thing that Irish people are always accurate about, its the weather. I think weather is one of the top conversations in this country- any lull in the conversation can be kick started with this weeks weather forecast!

But despite nearly a month and a half of overcast skies I'm still trying to be optimistic, apparently it warms up in August (maybe it will hit the 70's whoo hoo!) and there might even be some sunshine! Also James and I are headed for London in the middle of August and I know weather will be better there unless we hit a fluke week of bad weather.

I also didn't realize how much a lack of sunshine has had an affect on me. I feel so lethargic- when I look out the window and see rain there isn't much that can make me want to get off the couch so needless to say I havn't been productive in the slightest. But when it's sunny out I'm nearly dragging James out the door for a walk- any chance to soak up a little bit of good weather haha! I know compared to fall and winter here that this weather is pretty good so I better get in a mind set of not letting the weather control my activity- or invest in one of those solar lamps!


  1. You need Jillian Michaels and the 30 day shred. Go order it off amazon or something. shred it out baby! I downloaded it(I need to check and see if it works) and as soon as I have my own place I will know, so as not to embarass myself. People here stare. <3

  2. Hey rach...I've come over from your sister's blog (hi steph!) and your post makes me feel for you! My family is from England and it rains. all. the. time. So depressing. At least the climate means everything is beautifully green and you can grow some great flowers...
    I think the only way out of a rain-filled hole is find something active to do (and drink lots of hot tea!)
    Take Care!

  3. Thanks, I agree i do need to get more active- ive never really been the kind of person to stay in bed all day but lately its like pulling teeth getting out of bed! I do want to try the 30 day shred, i just wonder if i can get it in region 2 so I can play it on the TV and if i can get james out of here while i do it haha!

    oh and tea? I used to never drink it and now I am a tea-holic i think you have to over here haha :)

  4. sun or lack of sun has such a huge impact! i am finicky about the weather. i want it to be 70-80 at all times. if it hits 90 or higher, boy does it make me miserable. and too cold or rainy and i just want to stay at home in bed!

    my loads of warm sunshine be in your near future!!!!