Friday, June 29, 2012

Taking out the old, bringing in the new(ish)

  Last month we finally crossed the first item off our to-do before baby list-
1. Buy a new (ish) car. (With airbags preferably)

So we went from this:

  Ah little red jellybean of death, you were a good car. You kept going long past your expiry date.

 And used a little bit of this:

 Seriously the most Euros I have held at one time...I had to take a picture to prove to myself that yes at some point I have had money.

And got ourselves one of these:

New shiney......its still over a decade old, but we are almost in the current mellinia with our cars now!

And its got all of this:


Here in Ireland you can get cars that are 13, 14, even 15 years old and they will still be in great condition. Its a lot harder to get insane milage on cars since Ireland is only but so big. My '96 Corsa only had 83,000 when I sold her to the big car lot in heaven (scrapped!). We were able to get this car with only 103,000 miles on it and its 13 years old!

I have to say, I'm loving the new car. I HATED to drive the last car and I'm really enjoying the small things like a cupholder and listening to the radio. Who knew a 13 year old used car could bring so much happiness?!? One thing I am really thankful for as well is the airbags. Our last car was a basic as basic gets. I felt really uncomfortable driving it after finding out I was pregnant since there was no airbags...meaning if I got into an accident there was nothing between my abdomen and the steering wheel! Also I would have never put a car seat in the last car!

As much as I disliked my last car I felt pretty nostalgic about letting it go. It was the first car I bought in Ireland....we had NOTHING when I first moved here and I had to start over from scratch. Buying that little car (for 400 euro mind you!) was a huge step for me in making a life for myself here. I drove her back and forth all over the city, county (and once even to Dublin!) for nearly two years! I learned how to drive manual in her, and on the wrong side of the road/car. So I did feel sad as I drove off the lot and left the little red jellybean behind. But now I have a lot to look forward to and I'm hoping my new car (name pending!) will be able to deliver the same kind of durability that I got from my first car (and not cost me too much in petrol!)

And now next on the list....a DRYER!!


  1. Congratulations on your new car!
    My first car was an Opel Corsa too. :) I loved it and I was very sad when it stopped working. I drove with that car from Germany to Croatia. It was awesome!

  2. You're such an adult. Baby on the way... new car. Woah.

  3. Congrats! How exciting! We traded in my old car when I got pregnant with Jaxon and upgraded. It's such a great feeling getting a safer more reliable car. So happy you have airbags! & cupholders!

  4. I love your new little car! I remember how sad I was when I first traded in my first car, but man it was nice to drive off in a better car. Yay for having a car that's baby friendly!

  5. I'm proud of you, but you should've bought a Chevy.

  6. Oh my! That's cold cash, Rach! :P You sold your '96 Corsa for a great deal. Congratulations! Your new car is indeed, shiny! Who wouldn't love it? :) Who knows? Maybe those airbags might come in handy someday.

    Tyra Shortino

  7. It is good that you decided to replace your old car before it started giving you trouble. In any case, you did good purchasing a car that still works fine even after 13 years of service! The previous owner certainly knew how to take care of the car. It definitely helps that it’s a Ford that you got because Ford is known for manufacturing exceptionally tough cars.

    Ivo Beutler

  8. We have quite the similarity, Rach! I mean, I have made the most out of my 15 years of relationship with my first car. Now, that I can afford to buy a new one, I am going to buy the same make, only a different model. Hyundai has never failed to impress me with its durability. What I love about it is it’s a gas-saver, and it has a great control.

    Ellsworth Mciltrot

  9. I can’t blame you. Getting nostalgic over your first car is natural; almost everybody feels the same. I’m glad that you took the car’s safety features into account. No matter how beautiful a car is, being efficient and safe should still me the main factors that car buyers should look at.

    Maria Wegner

  10. Your new car fits your parking area very well. =) It must be easier to navigate that one when you head out and park it home. By the way, I love your blog’s layout. The background is so relaxing and refreshing to the eyes. =)

    Patrick Gauer