Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby does exist

Man oh man, I thought people were exaggerating about baby brain. Well they aren't. I have never been so forgetful and so slow on the uptake in my life. I forget what I'm talking about mid sentence....I am continually misplacing things (I discovered I put all the cat food in the fridge the other day) I'm mixing up my words in my sentences and if I don't make lists of what I intend of doing that day then its probably not getting done!

I've always prided myself on my sharp mind, memory and my quick wit....well for the next few months thats all gone to the wayside!

This is a perfect example:

This little silly internet meme....A silly stupid joke. That I didn't get. For 3 days. I finally said it to James after I saw a fourth person sharing it on facebook. And then it took him about 5 minutes to explain it to me. And then I laughed at myself for about 5 more minutes. And then cried, just a little.

Hormones...yet another awesome side effect.

Can't wait to share more of my baby brain moments with you guys...they are happening at an alarming rate!


  1. Haha, I can't wait to read more. :) Very entertaining!

  2. Rach! I had to get a new computer and lost all my bookmarks so glad you commented so I could find you again! Umm. A BABY!!!!!! very exciting! How are you feeling besides not remembering anything?

    Florence is only ok. Cinque Terre outside of Florence is WAY better!

  3. Had to get my husband to explain it to me too and I'm not even pregnant! Hopefully that makes you feel better? Congrats on the baby!

  4. LOL i still dont get it. im a mess

  5. The fact that you cried made me laugh so hard. I've done the exact same thing. Laughing one minute, crying the next. Oh pregnancy.