Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

I'm playing my "Will always blog this on a Tuesday" blog along with Lin over at Linny's Vault....go check her out- 1. Cause shes awesome and 2. Cause its her blogiversay and shes the one giving away stuff. That's doubly awesome!!

 1. I have a head cold/sinus infection/something evil going on right now. So unfair. I think pregnant women should get a pass on all sorts of normal ailments since our bodies are pretty much in self destruct mode while carrying a mini human.
Anyways since I can't take most medication right now I've been suffering Au natural...they have this amazing stuff in Ireland called Olbas Oil...someone introduced me (or as the Irish would say, copped me onto it) this stuff last winter when I was sick. Basically its like an Altoid, in oil form, concentrated. Put a little on a tissue and breathe in. Its heaven...I reek of it right now, but I don't care cause I can breathe!

 2. One of our friends gave me an orchid when she found out that we were expecting. Super sweet and I LOVE orchids, I just happen to have a very bad habit of killing them shortly after getting them...I'm delighted to say I have kept this bad boy alive for 2 months now! Maybe I am ready to take care of a child after all! (baby steps rach, baby steps)

Look-it! Thriving and everything! 

 3. My sister sent this to me in an email the other night. She knows me and my love of all jokes in the bodily functions category too well.

 4. I went to my first sleepover in about 10 years the other night. Two of our good friends are getting married in July and the bride-to-be had her Hen (or as we call them in the States, bachorlette party) over the weekend. Those of us who couldn't afford the Hen (as they can run pretty pricey) decided to spend some time with her at a girls sleep over! We had pizza and watched bad chick flicks and of course, played the toilet paper dress game...where we had a 3 way tie so the losers won the prize haha! It was lots of fun and its so nice to do things in Ireland that don't involve THE PUB.

 5. Ok, so this no caffeine while pregnant thing? I'm calling bull-shit. There I've said it. I have given up drinking (no big deal for me), smoking (bigger deal, but I wanted to quit anyways) and I've gone off crisps (potato chips) and chocolate. I am drinking all the coffee and diet coke that I want. I mean, obviously I won't drink more than I would normally would but I'm not going caffeine free. This is a recent enough medical thing and I really don't think I am going to harm my child by having a cup of coffee. Its actually more of an American taboo anyways...here in Ireland people would think you were crazy if you told them they couldn't drink tea and coffee because they were expecting. (also my doctor is totally cool with casual drinking while pregnant....I nearly laughed in his face when he said that....obviously the attitudes are more relaxed in this country about these kinds of things...and No, I have no desire to casually drink while pregnant!)

6. My back is killing me. and my left hip. And both of my feet keep on getting charlie horses in them while I'm walking. If you saw me in the grocery store last night I may or may not have resembled Igor from Young Frankenstein.
 Walk this way.....No! This way!
7. Speaking of the grocery stores....Irish grocery stores can be extremely frustrating. It was super hard for me to get used to shopping here. I mean I have by this stage, but there are still things that I don't know if I will ever get used to. Like product disappearing and the chances of it never coming back likely. This is a common occurrence. I think I am going to dedicate a separate post to this one...I can feel a vent coming on.

8. James was in a village called Kilkee for a couple of days last week. Its the biggest "beach town" in the area and where everyone in Limerick goes for their seaside holidays. In the two years I've lived here I had never made it down to Kilkee so I was pretty excited to get to go down Saturday to pick James up and have lunch with some of the boys (who were on an "anti-hen" weekend).

 Me on the "beach"....don't judge....it was super windy and FREEZING outside. Perfect beach weather right??

 The view is pretty nice when I'm not in the way haha! Kilkee is like a small Inlet I'm guessing...I would consider this more of a bay than anything...but I was told otherwise. What do I know.

Annndddd this is pretty much the ENTIRE "beach" and a good majority of the village your seeing here in this picture. I will NEVER get over how small the beaches are here. I mean, they are TINY. Of course when I say this I always get scoffed at and told well "don't you think your just great with your big huge American beaches" and blah blah. I mean, I've seen plenty of beaches in England which are all small enough, but a hell of a lot bigger than the ones in Ireland! Not that there's anything wrong with that....I just wouldn't call it a beach, per se.
The village was nice, but very small. Big enough by Irish standards I suppose. I don't think I could spend more than one night there before going nuts. We had a lovely, extremely over priced lunch before we left. At least it wasn't raining! haha!

9. I broke the screen on my phone and I'm using my back up phone. I really miss my phone...I will not bitch about my phone anymore. I also didn't realize how phone-dependent I was. Thank god for phone insurance. Must not drop it in the future.

10. Its about 10:30 at night and still really bright out. Its the time of the summer where the sun doesn't set until around 11, sometimes 11:30 at night (on a really sunny day). I am loving the longer days, but I find it irritating when I have to wake up super early and its too bright to sleep in the bedroom....I really shouldn't complain since I will be craving this come December when its dark by 3:30 in the afternoon....


  1. 1. I've always thought it was pretty shitty that they dont make pregnant women friendly cold meds. Glad you found this awesomeness though. I love that altoids smell!
    2. So pretty. I had one once, for like 6 days. Then I killed it :(
    3. lmfao! Omg I just spit out my water, that was hilarious. The other day while at the car dealer the hubs was like 'oh no, I have to fart' & I was like 'dude, just let it rip, quietly' & he said 'I cant, I dont trust it.' haha
    4. Shut up, I had NO idea those were TP dresses. So cool!
    5. I'm right there with you, there's no way I could ever give up coffee or soda. Especially my Dr. Pepper & Cherry Pepsi.
    6. lol
    7. Rant away. Im in need of a good rant anyway.
    8. Damn I miss the beach. I hate living in the desert.
    9. Phone dependency is a serious issue. I should know, I have it. Bad.
    10. That's pretty insane. Here I was bitching about it still being light out at 8:30. Shit, you win.

    Thanks for linking up sweets. I always love reading your 10 & thanks for all the kind words.

  2. Amen on the caffeine thing! I couldn't give up Diet Coke, and here they say to be safe not to drink more than 200 mg a day which is more than 4 cans of the stuff. So I was fine. And when you can't take any good pain meds for the headaches I get when I go off of it, I'm going to have it.

    And holy cow on it staying light so late. I had no idea that happened in Ireland. All the things I learn from your blog!

    And sleep overs are the best. My sister stays over sometimes and that's as close as I get to one these days. I think I may need to plan one...(away from home and the babies!)