Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some Thursday tidbits

I really should be getting ready for work right now, but I really really don't want to work today. The one time in my life I should be feeling like working overtime to save money for the baby but I just wanna lay on the couch. Boo responsibility!

  • I really gotta get James driving now that he has a job. I am having to wake up hours before I need to so I can drive him to the other side of town for work. Still super happy about the job, not loving my chauffeur duties though. 
  • My neighbor is a bad guy gangster, for real. His job involves a lot of, lets just say illegal things. We've known about it for a while but here you keep your head down and mouth shut about these things. Doing other wise will get you in some hot water since the Guarda (police) have no real power to stop these gang families. Recently though he has gotten a lot more open about the entire situation. Yesterday the road in front of my house was full of cars with English reg plates (license plates) and several men watching the house. And all watching me as I got in my car to go to work. Seriously I hate being intimidated just trying to live my life. Can't wait until our lease is up and we are the HELL out of here. 
  • I love fruit....I used to not be such a fan but I feel like some of the produce we get here in Ireland can be better quality than the stuff in the states (even if it is from Spain and Africa) There are certain things though, that you just can't get here. Like good cantaloupe (my fave) or a real watermelon. They are tiny here and cost a fortune! I must take a picture the next time I come across them in the grocery store! 
  • I'm meant to go to Belgium in October for a Radiohead concert. I bought the tickets way back in February before little baby Taylor was even a zygote. Little did I know come October i will be somewhere in the 8 month mark. Yikes...I really hope I get to go...this may be my last chance for a very long time and besides, who doesn't want to see Belgium? I hear good things and am a big fan of both waffles and chocolate! 
  • I just bought a groupon for a cruise around the Cliffs of Moher and a trip to one of the Aran Islands for only 15 euros....Freaking steal! I'm sure the weather will be crap, but hopefully the views will be so cool I won't care about it!
  • Something that makes me smile every morning when I hear it....some of the radio stations here do traffic reports....for the entire country. I find this hilarious that the country can be so small that you can cover all major problem areas in under 2 minutes reporting. 
Sigh....back to the real world. Time to layer up and head off to work. Only one more day before my weekend though! woohoo! 


  1. Wow, your neighbor sounds bad ass. I am sure it's scary to live next to him!
    I would really love in Ireland someday. So cool to read your blog!
    Belgium is great, I really hope you can go! And then Radiohead! Fantastic!
    Irish watermelons sound funny! :)

  2. Your neighbor sounds scary! When is your lease up? I hope it's soon! And that is funny about the traffic report. :)

  3. Hey, I just found your blog a little while ago and I really enjoy it. I was seriously considering moving to Ireland to do teachers college, but have since then decided on Vancouver Island instead! Anywho, thanks for giving an idealistic picture of what living there would be like.

  4. That is crazy about your neighbor! And scary! And I love the traffic report! haha!

  5. Sorry about your neighbor! I would hate that. And what doesn't James drive? Did I miss something?


  6. things are so different there!!!

    being a chauffeur sucks! my boyfriend's car is DEAD. he is without car right now. UGH!!!!! so he gets to scramble and borrow cars to get to work, to get kids around town, etc. and i get to drive on weekends. i will be very glad when he has wheels again! oy!

    maybe your neighbor will be offed soon? lol. what a terrible thing for me to write.

    there is no way in hell that your fruit is better than the produce in california. or could it be?!?!?!? ack! i always think our fruit and veggies can't be beat, but what do i know!

    hope the little one is treating you right! and i hope you will be able to attend the concert!

  7. My husband hates, literally HATES, to drive. When we first got married I used to have to drive him to work but that shit all changed when we moved and boy am I glad! It was way to easy for him & way too hard for me, that shit doesn't fly. Hopefully your chauffeur duties won't last very much longer.

    I love fruit! Seriously, I could eat it everyday, every hour. Congratulations on the great groupon deal, that's awesome.

  8. I'm so upset, I always thought out watermelons were amazing. Are they not? Are they better elsewhere?! I'm gonna CRY!