Monday, February 27, 2012


The mounting tension.

The confrontation avoided. Time and time again.

Not this time though.

The shut door. The beckoning.


Angry words- unfair accusations. (again)

Boiling anger. This time the unspoken thoughts are said.

Not everything though. Just enough. Enough to cause an angry gasp- a sharp look.

Anger right at the surface. Shaking hands.

A third party. Smoothing over.

Anger abates, but is still there. Justice is not done. Won't be done. Such is life.

Shaking hands. Tight throat. Shiny eyes. Red face.

Anger becomes emotion. (again)

Strength, while still strong looks like weakness.

Betrayed by emotion.



  1. I hope everything's alright, sweets. Feel free to email me or msg me on FB if you want to vent.

  2. ay yi yi. i hope you are ok.

    i think most of us can relate to this. i hate how anger so QUICKLY turns to tears. i can't stand that. i feel more powerful when angry (which isn't good, i know), and like a big ball of mush and wussiness if i am tears. i guess there is room for all emotions in life, but anger and sadness are some of the least appealing. :[