Monday, February 20, 2012

A little behind the times...

Sometimes when something is released in one country, its not released in another at the same time. Like for instance, movies. Here in Ireland we typically get a new movie in theaters (well American movies at the very least) about a month after they are released in the states. So a lot of times I see people talking about new movies in a blog or facebook and I have no clue what they are even talking about!

There are plenty of other things that have been around for a long time but that Ireland is just now getting...

Like netflix....This has been around in the states for years now!

There are all kinds of commercials on TV now talking about this great "new" service....ITS NOT NEW!! Well I guess it is...over here. I'm glad we finally have netflix though!

Then there is food....there is some stuff that we have the same here as in America, some that I don't think will ever EVER make it over here and some that is the same that does make it to Ireland but they change the name. (It really bugs me when they change the names of the same products!)

The newest thing to make it over to Ireland is Mini Wheats....which they call Mini Max.

Why it took so long to get mini wheats over here and why they felt the need the change the name? I'll never understand it. I am super happy they are here though! I love mini wheats!! Now they just need to get Captain Crunch and Wheat Thins and Kraft Mac n Cheese and I'll be set!!


  1. That is crazy that they never had froste mini wheats! I am very glad that you have Netflix now!!

  2. It's insane to think that not everyone has this sort of stuff! It's like you're on the other side of the world...oh yeah, you kinda are, haha.

    Also, I have a box of Funfetti cake mix & frosting with your name written all over it ;) I just have to get by ass to the post office & send it your way.

  3. There's Kraft Mac & Cheese here in Dublin! It's 7 euros a box though.... Remember when you could get it at target for $.79....sigh.

  4. 7 euros?!? have they lost thier minds!! I actually have a good sized stash of it at the moment...had american friends bring over loads when they came to visit so if you want a box I can definately mail one up there! (it would definately cost waayyy less than 7 euros haha!!)