Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Like a kid on Christmas morning

I woke up early this morning, not only because I have to be at work in an hour, but because the booking for tickets for the Radiohead tour for Europe began this morning!!

I was hoping to go to the gig in London but those tickets didn't go on sale until 9am and since the tickets are made available at 9am in each respective country that the gig will be played in I booked the venue in Belgium (An hour ahead is super convenient for me!).

So I've killed two birds with one stone- not only do I get to go see an amazing gig (seriously CAN'T WAIT!) but I get to visit Antwerp as well. I've never been to Belgium and always wanted to go so I'm pretty excited!

Woot! Great way to start a Wednesday!!


  1. you are so lucky! i am jealous! i would love to see them someday, but tickets for radiohead here usually sell out within nano seconds! it is annoying!

  2. wth, how did I miss this post? Anyway, glad you got your tickets! Yay for killing two birds with one stone :)