Sunday, February 19, 2012

Christmas Dinner at Drumroe

(Ok so I know this post is over two months old....just go with me here!)

Every year my friends at Drumroe have a large Christmas dinner where each housemate gets to invite one friend (or in our case, a couple!) to have at dinner. Since there are six housemates the dinners get pretty large and the drinking goes on late into the night!

We were invited not only last year, but this year as well! I was pretty shocked to be invited two years in a row since an invite to the drumroe Christmas dinner is highly sought after in our group of friends (so WOOT!)

This is our lovely host Mark. Last year he wasn't drinking due to his impending climb of Everest....but now since the mountian has been conquered and the title of Youngest Irish person to climb Everest is his he more than made up for the year before. (And who doesn't love drunk Mark? No one!!)

Jen, the girlfriend of one of the housemates....who ended up doing ALL of the cooking!! Poor for 14 people at a dinner you were invited to! I have to say, the dinner was fabulous and there were no murders of the housemates later! haha

Dinner guests seated right before the feasting began. I was hiding in the back there....somewhere.

A toast to the lads of Drumroe, our wonderful cook and Christmas for Christmas sakes!

Aisling and I- Shes my wine and bitch friend....who lives in Toronto which is just way to far from Ireland. She was back for the holidays and I really feel she needs to work harder at convincing her boyfriend to move back to Limerick!!

Marks friend (I have no clue what his name was....) Who decided instead of leaving through the front door to end the night with a 007 style window exit....unfortunately after a bottle of wine and several beers climbing through a kitchen window isn't as easy as he thought it was going to be...but it was hilarious for the rest of us!

Of course- no Christmas gathering in Ireland isn't complete without the singing of Fairytale of New York....

(The video quality is crap, but the movie is still pretty funny!)

All in all, it was a great Christmas dinner and I'm happy to have such great friends here in Ireland to share the holidays with!!

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  1. Finally, a post! Thanks jeebus. I was really starting to miss these, haha.

    Looks like you had one helluva Christmas, although I do feel pretty bad for that girl that had cook for all you. I would have hated to be here. Love the video btw...drunk singing is always the best singing :)