Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm so random I'm playing Random Tuesday Thoughts on Wednesday


Even though Keely is taking a hiatus with RTT I enjoyed it so much I'm gonna obnoxiously continue for a while :)

Its been sunny for almost 2 weeks in Ireland. This is NOT NORMAL and I'm loving it!! Everyone keeps saying "oh I bet this is our summer- We won't have weather this nice again" and all that crap. I refuse to believe it. (even though that IS what happened last summer) ppssshhh. Its still cold enough for a coat. (well that's kinda true during "summer" as well.)

James and I have signed ourselves up for the Great Limerick Run. We are going to do the 10k (walking people- I'm just not there for the running yet) But I'm pretty excited. We are walking for the Shane Geoghegan Trust (the charity my friend Mark, who is climbing Everest as we speak- is raising money for.) Shane was a rugby captain at a local club here in Limerick and was killed in 2008, an innocent victim in the gangland war they are having so much trouble with here in Limerick amongst other cities in Ireland. He was actually shot point blank in a neighborhood right next to mine which is insane since we live on the "good side" of town- its super quiet here. It was a huge shock to the community and is still creating waves today. Ireland isn't nearly as violent as places in the states can be, but what violence they have creates a huge impact since most communities here are fairly close knit.

Anyways I'm getting distracted. I'm excited about this 10k- Its something I NEVER would have been able to get James to take part in before he was hospitalized and diagnosed. Ever since then he has really turned over a new leaf and I'm really proud of him. He's pushing me now when before I was the one always pushing him!! We woke up early this morning and walked an 11k loop just to see how we would do fitness wise. We did it just fine although I have to say my legs are pretty tired!

I'm also considering starting the couch to 5k program. I've run 5k before (not in a race, just on my own) but it was a long time ago and I want to get James started running as well. I wonder if anyone else has tried it- any thoughts on how well they liked it?

Here's an irish phrase for the day- Craic. (pronounced Crack) It's an irish word (I think? bastardized irish perhaps?) that means to have fun, good times ect. Its used a number of ways like if someone asks you how a get together was you might say "Oh it was a great craic" or people might greet you by saying "hows the craic" or how your weekend was by asking "So any Craic this weekend?" Everyone uses it over here and I picked it up pretty quickly. I find myself using it often without even realizing it. I actually said it to my mom the last time I called her....then I had to explain I WASN'T talking about the drug. haha!

Sunday is mothers day in Ireland for all the mammys. (they dont say mom or mum, its mam and I can't freaking say that word right to save my life. I pronounce it like ma'am as a good southern girl was taught from birth and its meant to be pronounced shorter, like baaa but mam. gah!!) Jame's family never does anything for their Mam but I know if it was mother's day in the states and I didn't do something for my mom she would kill me (with guilt of course) so I am applying the same rule to my MIL and forcing James to get her flowers. Its the least he can do, apparently he was born with no pain killers and that boy has a large head. poor woman.

This picture could apply to most "reality" shows lets be honest. Like Bridal Plasty- has anyone else seen this ridiculousness?? I saw an episode last week and about choked on my tea. Prospective brides doing "challenges" to compete for plastic surgery. Multiple plastic surgeries. there is so much wrong with this entire concept I don't even know where to begin. And then worst of all?? At the end of the episode where the loser bride is voted off the host says "I'm sorry, now your wedding won't be perfect." .....seriously....WTF. And people wonder why so many women have body image issues.

Mt. Dew is officially in Ireland. Winning! (I couldn't help myself) although its a sort of energy drink type- not 100% the real stuff. But I will probably still have it every so often just for the taste.

Which reminds me- I only have about 9 weeks until I go to the U.S. Wow- saying it like that makes it seem like its no time away. SCORE. I may just be able to retain some sanity until then. However it will probably be the longest flight over of my life haha!!

alright- I've rambled enough for one day- I have two loads of laundry giving me the stink eye. literally.


  1. I love that picture. Also, my sister and another friend did the couch to 5k program and they both said it worked well. I think it will get you to running a 5k, but then you have to work to get your time where you want to be, depending on your goal.

  2. Yay for you guys! The hubs & I have been meaning to get out & run {walk} for a cause but his work schedule sucks balls since he has to work almsot every darn weekend.

    I just tried saying mam & it totally came out like ma'am lol. It also reminded me of Brad Pitt playing an Irish gypsy in Snatch. (great movie!)

    9 weeks? They'll fly by in no time. How long will you be visiting? Will James be joining you?

  3. I know many people who have done couch to 5K. It works great. Good luck!