Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts- The worst question you can ask me


I couldn't think of a title past the RTT so I asked James who is sitting next to me to say something thinking I'll use his random blurb as a title.
R- Say something
J- Huh?
R- Say something
J- like what?
R- I donno, anything
J- Well I dont know what that is....
R- anything, the first thing that comes to your mind.
J- that is the worst question you can ask me.
R- Sigh. fine.

No imagination I swear it.

I picked up an extra shift at work tonight. Hurray for extra money!! I'm squirreling away all extra money for the states! Whoo hoo States!

I helped this woman at work yesterday who was visiting Ireland from America. What in the world she was doing in Limerick I don't know. (I'm telling you this city is not a tourist attraction. In fact, in most travel guides they either dont have Limerick listed even though its a pretty big city for ireland, or they say DONT GO THERE YOU"LL DIE or something along those lines.)
ANYWAYS- So just chatting briefly with her and she was saying how great she thought it was here and would love to bring her family to live here. I wanted to grab her by the collar and scream dont do it!! But instead I smiled and said, yes ireland has its nice bits. and then wished i could get on the plane home with her. Its waayyy overdue for a trip home.

On an exciting bit of news- Ireland is officially getting mountain dew. oh sweet nectar. I just wish they would cop on and get diet mt. dew. But i'll take what I can get.

Heres an interesting tidbit. There is a phrase used here, well actually two- Your Wan and Your Man. Its used when you are talking about a person, usually someone you don't know, to another person. For instance, Your Wan in the grocery store was a right slapper. (in american speak that mean that woman in the grocery store was a slut) another example would be Your Man over there is a proper Gowl. (this is a little more specific to Limerick slang, but it means that guy over there is a jackass, jerk, horrible addition to the human race etc so forth and so on.) Your wan and your man is used for anything and is a common everyday thing to say. I've picked it up and use is frequently now. Except, there was a little hitch when I learned the phrase. You see, Your Wan is ALWAYS in reference to a woman. I thought (because of the accents) people were saying Your ONE. So i figured that one was interchangeable. It lead to a lot of confusion and me calling many guys women.

Also, instead of asking Can I help you (at like a check out or fast food place or ect) people here say- Are you alright? This gave me a lot of confusion at first- instead of going up to check out I would look at the cashier weirdly and say yes I'm fine thank you, which lead to me getting bumped from several lines until i figured out what the hell was going on. And it also gave my husband a great deal of humor. har har.

The night before last I couldn't sleep. Tossing and turning and looking at the clock every half hour. I hate those nights. Well despite the lack of sleep, I got up and ran my errands early in the morning determined to accomplish lots that day. I got home around 10:30 and sat down to read the blogs in my reader. About halfway through I fell asleep. sitting upright, in the computer chair. For two hours. I woke up a little after 1 p.m. stiff as hell wondering why I was sitting, staring at a dark computer screen. I don't think I've fallen asleep like that since I was a little kid haha!

I really really hate the road safety commercials they have here. They are so graphic and gruesome. I know you shouldn't hate things like that, but seriously I HATE them. actually, everyone I know hates them as well.

here, have a taste.

That video is like a best hits of all the worst commercials that play on tv here ALL OF THE TIME. Its really not cool to see dead bleeding bodies while your trying to eat lunch.

Alright people its almost 1 am and I am headed to bed. I have to be rested for my mani/pedi tomorrow (WHOO HOO!!)


  1. OMG that commercial is gruesome....

  2. Foriegn language, lack of imagination, and death at lunch time... way to be RANDOM! :)

    I must say though, that it is good to know how to properly call someone a slut if I ever do visit Ireland.

  3. If they invested the money into road safety instead of producing graphic Hollywood-style movies (without the happy endings), then they might actually save a few lives, the point of the ads in the first place. Anytime they came on while I was still living at home (sniff) I used to just switch over to something more palatable. I suspect many others do the same, before they hop into their cars and drive feckless fools.

    Never heard of gowl before. I like it! But everyone knows Limerick is a city of skangers, so I'll probably never go there to try it out on someone.

    It seems you have the hang of the your man and your wan thing, which is pretty impressive for a non-native. I'd been thinking of writing an explanation into their proper use due to the confusion they seem to cause with people here. Germans take everything literally so you can imagine the consternation that causes!

  4. I'm cracking up over you wanting to grab the lady by the collar. I totally saw that going down in my head, it was hilarious! Dude, I'd be so lost if lived there. Being from the states, I totally would have looked at the person who asked 'are you alright?' all confused-like thinking maybe they saw something wrong with me that I didnt, haha.

    I've heard a couple of the 'gangster' guys use the term 'my man' but never 'my wan', that's weird lol. Also...falling asleep sitting up...oh man that just totally made my day a little better! Thanks for the laugh Rach :)

  5. wow, those are GRUESOME. Do they work?

  6. ok I was laughing so hard about your "can I help you, are you alright" story! Too funny:)I have just discovered your blog and its very entertaining!