Thursday, March 3, 2011

Seester Dear

I've been thinking a lot about my sister today.

Shes the reason behind why I'm blogging.

Speaking of, go check her out here- shes pretty freaking awesome. (I'm not biased I swear it)

Its been nearly two years since I've seen her, which is entirely too long.

She moved to Brazil in 2009 and now I'm here in Ireland. I think there should be laws against sisters living in different hemispheres. Who else am I going to watch trash TV and gossip with?? My husband SUCKS at gossip. (which is a good quality blah blah blah)

I remember living in Utah with my sister.

We fought like cats and dogs- but we also had some great times living together. Like when we shared a mini basement apartment. We were living in the same room, but it was HUGE. Our enormous closet doubled as a computer room/pantry. We ended up majoring in the same subject in college so we would head off to class together (everyone knew us as "the sisters" in class)- inevitably one of us would fall asleep while the other took notes. Then we would go home and watch trash TV while eating pretzels and "studying". It was so nice living together, I remember having so much fun hanging out with my big sis.

We got each other through family vacations, a divorce, two re-marriages, bad clothes, bad boyfriends, crappy jobs and dragged each other to the gym.

She was there when I graduated, I was there when she got married.

Its been hard being so far away from each other- being in such different situations. I would love nothing more than to live close enough to go and hang out with her whenever I want (and not so close as to where I can not see her when we are driving each other nuts!). I'm hoping that one day that will happen- that we will live near each other and be able to do sister things together (and drive our husbands insane in the process haha!)- like christmas and shopping, and of course, gossiping. (its just not the same in different time zones!)

Miss you snaggle face!

(Oh and I am posting this lovely picture because I know she will just DIE when she sees it! What else would annoying little sisters be for?)


  1. I have a picture of your sis from girl's camp that she would die over...every time I find it I can't help but laugh.

    I miss my sister, too. I know we are lot closer geographically than you guys. But, it still feels pretty far away. Hope you guys get to see each other soon!

  2. haha you better lock up that picture somewhere safe- if not it may be destroyed in the near future! I was actually thinking about girls camp not so long ago- I can't believe we all have known each other for so long! (oh and if there are any pictures of me from then you can go ahead and shred, burn, or mutilate them in the manner of your choosing. cause im betting they are NOT GOOD)

  3. Aw what a sweet post! I dont have any sisters, only 2 younger bros so I can only imagine what it's like to have that closeness. I'm a regular reader of your sisters blog & I love it as much as I love yours lol.

    I hope you girls get a chance to spend some time togehter again soon :)

  4. there is nothing like having a great sister! i hope you guys live near each other SOON so that you can reconnect!

    my youngest sister is my favorite person on planet earth. my oldest sister...NOT SO MUCH. sigh. but one out of two isn't so bad. :)

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    i love you :) and miss you too

    must go watch in her shoes. always makes me miss you and think of you.

    and whitney- ive never seen it and i am completely mortified. i can only imagine what horrors that photo holds.

  6. A very sweet post. Makes me glad my sister only lives 45 minutes away.