Thursday, January 6, 2011

digging holes

Last night my husband and I were sitting together on the couch as we do most nights before we head off to bed.

I do most of my computer time on the sofa- I'm too lazy to dedicate myself to real computer time so i do it while doing other things, like cooking or watching tv. (so really im just fiddling on my computer pretending to pay attention to these things haha)

I usually write all of my blogs late at night next to James. Yesterday as we were heading to bed he asks me if I had written a blog. The conversation follows as such.

Rach- Yes I wrote a blog tonight, I usually do well on a tuesday.
James- Well what did you write it about?
Rach- oh you know, random stuff. Mostly about the new year and all the crap that happened the first few days. Have you been reading my blog?
James- Yes but I havn't in a little while.
Rach- Well what do you think about it?
James- its ok.
Rach- ok?? just ok?
James- yeah, its just ok.
Rach- *deadly stare*
James- What?!?
Rach- *makes motion of shovel digging*
James- (poor attempt at back tracking) what I MEANT was that I already know everything that happens in your blog!! So its nothing new!! Its good I swear!
Rach- *continues shovel digging motion* *more death stare thrown in*

Needless to say- I know where this man sleeps at night.


  1. hubs said the same thing when I asked him his opinion on mine. He learned not to say anything about it unless it was nice & now he just doesnt read it unless I ask him too, haha. Guess it's just not his thing but then again I dont find any of his video games cool either, haha.

    Also...I tried responding to the comment you left me via email but you dont have an email listed, so here's what I was going to send ya: if you want to enter the giveaway you still technically can, you'll just have to have the items you buy w/the gift certificate mailed to a US address (if you win). I know you had said you might be visiting the US soon so maybe you can just use your parents' address :)

  2. bahahah! i guess he gets points for honesty, but....

  3. oh sorry about that email thing. as you can tell i suck at computer things. I can barely put pictures on this thing and can't even make a you tube video come up on it. So i had no clue my email wasnt even on there! i'll send it to you! Hmmm I may just enter that contest then...those boots are super cute! I might re-read those rules then!

    and Drollgirl- he sucks at the do I look fat in this question as well. I think we may have to go over the "little white lie" rule again.

  4. my husband always reads my blog... I love when log on what he calls my "spy software" and see that he has been reading. Marc is a really good sport, because he is always giving me ideas of things to write about. Whenever something random or funny happens, his line is "this would be a great blog..."