Thursday, January 20, 2011

once again....

Hi ya'll I promised I have not abandoned blogland....again.

we are having internet issues...again.

Stupid irish internet hamsters. I think they went on a wheel strike or something.

Anyways our router was sent back and we have promises of a new one being sent.

I am typing this on my husbands keyboard which is laid out all weird (well not really, but i like to complain about it.) and so I'll keep it short. And sweet :).

Ireland is still cold. And green.

My job sucks more if thats even possible. (but at least i have one! right!?!?? ugh.)

In good news though we got a house phone (i felt so OLD buying that. Like im an adult who does responsible things like have house lines. I dont know anyone else my age who has one. Isn't that weird how much things have changed...) But on the upside I can call the states for SUPER CHEAP now. My poor family doesnt know whats hit em yet wuhaha.

My accent is still changing. Today some guy thought I was canadian and when I told him I was American he DIDN'T believe me!! WTF? I have proof buddy! No offense to anyone from Canada- but seriously why would I lie about being from America?

I will be back to blogging all of those things i have been promising to blog about and actually keeping up on my little page. Just as soon as I get my internet hamsters going back again....

(but I'm enjoying lurking on everyones blogs from my rundown iphone!)

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