Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts- its a new year but im still behind from the last one. damn.


Hi everyone- welcome to 2011!!

My year starting out? a little rough around the edges. just a tad.

But the 4th day of the year? pretty fantastic if I say myself. Its amazing how little simple things can bring so much pleasure.
First of all I killed Christmas (I.E. I took down the decorations)- After all of the holiday celebrating and all of the drinking I was SO SO ready for it to be over. My tree lost its luster after being up for 6 weeks. I happily took down my decorations and somehow conned James into packing the pre-lit tree back in its box (those are so freaking hard to get back in the right way) and now my living room is looking bigger. and plainer. I need some pictures.
Secondly today we celebrated our two year anniversary of being together. Yes I know we just celebrated our one year marriage anniversary in November. I'll let you do the math. Don't judge, we aren't insane I swear. We went out and spent WAY too much on a fancy dinner at this Chinese restaurant just around the corner from our house. This is the first time we went to a restaurant this nice since we have been married so it was worth the indulgence :) (even though I freak about "wasting" money, he assures me its ok to treat ourselves. sigh. crazy me.)
And thirdly- and most exciting for me....I found one of my all time FAVORITE shows.

Clean house! Oh how I love you Niecy Nash and your telling it straight to cluttered homeowners. I love how they flip the house and have the yard house- I just love it all. I watched this show religiously back home and COULD NOT find it anywhere here. I happened to see a new channel that popped up mysteriously after the new year (Bravo disappeared- WTF. no more Dog. sucks.) and Wala there was clean house! I'm pretty excited about this. For some reason you cannot find this show anywhere online or are able to buy it. So score for Rach!

This New Years Eve I have to say was the best one yet. I had a great time with friends and James and I got my kiss at New Years and it was just all in all a good time. Lets just forget that at the beginning of the night I locked my keys in my car. I also dropped a butter knife in the door trying to pop the lock. So now when I turn corners you can hear the butter knife sliding around. I like to think it adds to the charm of the JBOD. (Jellybean of Death) Lets also forget that I had to pay 75 Euro the next morning to get my car unlocked. sigh.

Lets also forget that the next day at work I had a huge fight with a co-worker who completely threw me under the bus and put me in a really bad situation for no other reason that he was being a selfish jerk. He was frustrated and I was the person he was able to take his anger out on. It ended with me in tears and him getting chewed out by several people. My job is progressively worse and I am now back on the hunt for a decent place to work. I am tired of working late nights in a not so safe environment and being bullied and overall being treated like shit. Its getting to the point its not worth my paychecks and if I didn't love my husband and if I didn't freak out about finances I would have walked out with no problem. Fingers crossed the next few weeks bring good tidings on the job front.

I am focusing on good things for the new year. No resolutions- those bring expectations of results and pressure. I just want to keep on keeping. Keep on striving towards things that make me feel good about myself, make me a better wife, friend, sister, daughter.

ok so this post is turning very non-random. sorry.

There is this guy who comes in the shop every so often that looks EXACTLY like Van Gogh. Its creepy. Every time i see him I have to do a double check. And make sure he has two ears.

Even looking at this picture its creepy how much this guy looks like Van Gogh. I guess everyone has seven look alikes somewhere in this world.

Speaking of I have NEVER met anyone who looks like me. Not that I'm special or some kind of freak, I just haven't met anyone who looks like me. Neither has anyone that I know met someone who looks like me either. I never get that- oh wow you look just like so and so from anyone.

I am so ready for spring- anyone else with me on that?? The holidays are over- I'm ready for long days and warm weather. K Thanks.

My accent IS changing. I knew it. My husband and all my friends assure me- no, I promise, you still sound American. Nothing has changed. its very obvious. But I keep running across people that can't place where I'm from. I get everything from Australian to South African to Canadian and even once Northern Ireland (which is a laugh- if you ever heard anyone from the North you would understand- its a very distinct accent.). I get a lot of surprise when I say, no- I'm from the states. People assume Americans sound a certain way and I guess I don't fit that accent mold anymore.
Tonight I met a bunch of Americans traveling through on their way home- I was talking to them (I get excited when I run across Americans- its like normal people! sweet!) and I said I was from Virginia. One guy said- "Oh, so you were born in the states and then moved to Ireland?" I was like huh??!? I said uh no- I've only been living here for about a year. He was genuinely shocked- He thought I was Irish and only then after I said that I definitely wasn't could he tell that I did have an American accent. Either he was stupid or my accent has changed. (most likely a little bit of both, lets be honest here folks.)

I'm planning a trip home soon and I can't wait. I have to readjust that accent before it gets "worse" haha!

I hope everyone has a great beginning to their new year! I recently found a lot of great new blogs and I've been occupying myself trying to stalk them thoroughly...hopefully it will inspire me to blog more regularly...and get better at commenting!!


  1. I hope you find a better job, it's no fun having to put up with idiot co-workers & rudeness for a paycheck. Lame! Also, I'm pretty sure your accent is changing. I went to Mexico for 2 weeks a few years ago & found that my accent when speaking spanish was not the american type of normal, lol. It had this strange sort of mexican/hick-like sound to it. Really strange stuff. I'm sure you sound totally cute though, I'd love to have an Irish accent.

    Also, I love that you actually check to see if the Van Gogh dude has his 2 ears, lol. Its like you actually expected Van Gogh to wake up from the dead & still look fresh...bwahaha. You're hilarious.

  2. lol trust me when i tell you this guy doesnt look that fresh- he could totally be zombie gogh. He may also be an alcoholic, but tit for tat.

  3. It's funny that you've never met anyone who looks like you. Because I always think that you look familiar, but I can't think of who it is that you look like. Wow. That's no help at all. Sorry. Anyway.... I've never actually met anyone who looks like me, but a few friends have told me there is someone who lives in my town who looks just like me. Like they have actually thought she was me. Crazy. Maybe someday I'll get lucky and meet this person.

  4. Sounds like a good start!