Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Its that time of week again. Not that I'm the best at blogging on time but I'm playing with only half my parts working. So I'm giving myself the sympathy excuse.

1. I am SO SO happy christmas is over. I couldn't take the crazy business of it all anymore. It feels like a weight off my shoulders. Not sure how many more of these retail christmases I can work!

2. I am STILL SICK. seriously its not funny anymore. I have had Bronchitis since september. I went back to the doctor this morning and got a fourth round of antibiotics. I was told I also have a chronic throat infection (huzzah....:( ) I am so freaking exhausted from being ill. I was told I won't be able to fly if I still have bronchitis and I'm meant to leave for America in a week and a half....cross your fingers for me people!

3. I called out of work for the first time ever this morning since I started working in Ireland. The doctor told me I couldn't work with my fever and I was never going to get better. Today is one of the busiest retail days (returns day) and my manager was NOT HAPPY with me. I was so torn with whether or not to go in anyways and it ended up with me having a total meltdown in the car and crying so hard I nearly made myself ill. James ended up called my manager and saying that there was no way he was letting me go in today. I'm happy that I'm resting but I still feel so guilty for not going into work. I think James is better at taking care of me than I am at taking care of myself. blargh.

4. I had a nice christmas despite being ill. We got up in the morning and opened presents and then I made breakfast casserole (I have to share the recipe!) and then I took a 3 hour nap. It was awesome!

5. I got a new set of dishes from my in-laws for christmas- I was super excited (its weird to be at that age where dishes excite you as a present haha) especially since we only had 4 plates to begin with and then I dropped one so we are down to 3. Woot new dishes!

6. It never really felt too christmasy this year...I think its because it seems so warm here. I thought it was warmer than usual this year but my MIL tells me this is normal enough temperatures for December. I'm ok with that...I can live with not sub-zero temps.....if it was only dry outside!

7. I'm wondering if i should take down my christmas decorations before I go to the states or not. they will be up ridiculously late if i leave them, but I am really tired so its tempting to say nevermind.

my MIL made this dessert for christmas dinner- sticky toffee pudding. pretty much the best thing I've ever eaten. (and yes thats homemade cinnamon ice cream on the side)

9. I'm running out of things to be random about. You would think with all of the medications that I'm on my head would be out of it....but instead its just fuzzy.

10. Neko has been extra mischievous lately...came home this morning to find that the had knocked a candle holder to the ground....hes lucky it didn't break or im pretty sure James would have had cat on the menu tonight haha...


  1. 1. Christmas is only fun when you're standing on the shopping side of the store, not the employees. I don't miss it one bit.
    2. Holy crap that's one determined germ invading your body! I really hope you get better by take off time.
    3. Aw, you poor thing. I hate how managers always make you feel like shit for calling in sick. My boss does it all the time & I hate that I always give in to the guilt. Totally ruins my day at home. I'm glad James called in for you though :)
    4. Ooh I love recipes! Gimme gimme gimme.
    5. You're not alone. I was super excited to get a waffle maker from my mom this year. Yeah...I'm totally that almost 30 yr old woman who gets excited over appliances haha.
    7. I say you leave them.
    8. omg, yum!
    10. lol

  2. I hope you start feeling better! And that dessert looks amazing!

  3. oh the glorys of sticky toffee pudding. my bf loves it (obvs..he is irish) and my mom and bro loved it too. its amazing.