Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day trippin it

A few weeks ago James and I headed to the Cliffs of Moher for a small day trip.

I live so close to all of these great places in Ireland but I just never seem to make the time to go and see them So I decided that it was finally time to start checking them off my list. (and believe it or not, James hasn't been to most of these places either....I can't believe that someone could live somewhere their entire life and never go and see some of these great sights in the country!)

It was only about an hour drive from Limerick which I didn't think was too bad at all. It actually would be only about 40 minutes except for the fact that half of the trip was on tiny little country roads like this one:

And in reality- That road is a pretty main road. and it is TEENY TINY. The speed limit is 60 on the road and people FLY down it. Huge trucks included. It was pretty nerve wrecking for me when I first started driving here to get used to these little roads, while driving on the wrong side of the road.

Here's me driving somewhat nervously- There are stone walls on both sides of the narrow road (just for ease of driving...har har) A very old way of fencing the fields off. The walls are a little more permanent around where we were- but in other parts of Ireland these stone walls are piled really simply because they take down parts of the walls to move livestock between fields and then pile them back up after they are done.

Here is a picture from the parking lot- the views from this area in Clare are really nice- This is facing towards Lahinch- a small seaside village.
This is the classic shot of the Cliffs- Pretty much the first view you see when you walk up the hill. A lot of times the views can be obscured by fog and rain but we got a nice and clear day! Even though it was very gray and cold. (I didn't wear a coat and wish I had.....this is during JULY people....JULY!!!)
The Hubs and I. I was having a weird face day....I kept on Chandler Bing-ing the pictures.

A small turrent on top of a large hill along the cliffs. This is where people are able to go inside and walk to the top. The view of the cliffs is the best from the top but we decided not to go up there. We already had to pay just to see the cliffs and didn't feel like shelling out another 2 Euros apiece to walk to the top of the building.
The far side of the Cliffs- to the left straight out in the ocean are the Aryan Islands. You can actually see them from the Cliffs, which I thought was pretty cool. I can't wait to go and see them one day soon!
This picture is just to show you how close you can get to the edge. Yeesh. I was VERY uncomfortable taking this picture. There are fences of course, but it is very easy to walk over them and walk out further along the cliffs- which most people do to get some really great pictures.
The north side of the cliffs- I couldn't get over the beauty of them!

This is a plaque near the North side of the Cliffs for all the People who have lost their lives there. Suicides do happen there, tragically enough. I just found out this week- A girl that I work with, her brother ended his life at the Cliffs this past week. I think that its just so sad. Such a beautiful place and it has such a tragic end for some people.


  1. I love the pictures!!! i want to come and visit!!! I would love the weather there! I will totally switch places with you! :) And I am still loving James' hair cut. I was thinking the other day how weird it will be to "meet" him. I feel like I already know him. Tell him I will hug him. Prepare him.

  2. Holy cow that's so beautiful! I'd love to visit one day, the green all around is absolutely amazing. That's a great photo of you & james, you two are such a cute couple :)

  3. gah! it is just frakkking GORGEOUS there! but i would be so so so so scared to get even CLOSE to the edge of those cliffs! i can barely stand on a chair to change a light bulb. heights freak me out!