Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The big plunge

Since I have known my husband he has had long hair- actually I remember the first time I met him he said I will never cut my long curly locks (haha!).

Well over the past few months he has been contemplating cutting his hair. and not his normal bathroom mirror- kitchen scissors job, an actual hair grown up hair cut.

I never pushed him into anything, knowing James the more I encourage him to do something the more resistant he would get! (typical mannish behavior!)

Well yesterday He started talking about chopping his hair off again and I decided to call his cousin Vivian who is a hairdresser and is usually available to come over in short notice. I told her that James was going to cut his hair and she came over as soon as she could knowing how quickly he could change his mind!

The Before Pictures....

James with his long hair...usually ALWAYS in a pony tail.

The back of his hair....much longer than mine even!

James only had three requirements for Vivian before she cut his hair....don't make me look like a scumbag, don't make me look like a tinker and don't make me look like a gay man.

To this both Vivian and I cracked up and laughed poor James down. (So supporative and understanding, I know...haha!)

The first big chunk of hair is chopped off! Good bye pony tail you won't be missed!!

Half way done!!

The Final Product.....


He looks great with short hair! I had no clue what he would look like, but I think it looks great, and most importantly, James thinks it looks great!

And an added bonus we wont have to fight over hair bands anymore...hah!


  1. Awesome.

    Maybe he could talk to my stepson. We were at a family birthday party this weekend and his grandmother came in the room. He had his back to her, she said her hellos, and said, "Oh, and who is this young lady?"

    We about peed ourselves launging.

    Sadly, he will be the one looking back at the wedding photos saying "What the hell was I thinking with that hair?"

  2. HAHA! That actually happened to James last week when we went out to lunch with a friend! The waitress walked up and said what can I get for you ladies? and then she looks at James and goes OH! I thought you were a girl with the ponytail! LOL. I think that may have helped the decision to cut the hair haha! And yes I bet he will look back and think jesus I should have cut my hair off! Maybe some reverse psychology will work?

  3. Ok lets try this again since stupid blogger wouldnt let me comment yesterday.

    Wowza he looks so different, good different too. My hubs tried growing out his hair but after it got to be about 3 inches I couldnt deal with it and bitched enough that he finally cut it off lol. I love a guy with a clean hair cut :)