Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Its Tuesday again already?? What the what?!? Seriously this year is going by so fast!

By the way you should totally play along Ten on Tuesday with me at Linny's Vault! Not only is this girl awesome but it gives me a great reason to blog when I can't think of anything worth writing a whole post about!

  • After a totally stressful day (A complete lack of sleep and having to deal with stupid people makes for a really snappish Rach) I came home to a wonderful surprise! My good friend Cat (who came and saw me for Paddy's Day!!) sent me an awesome Easter package complete with a Bunny and Spring Oreos......ohhhh spring complete me.

(also I will be hoarding most of this....theres no telling when I'll get back to America again...stale Easter candy will have to tide me over until then haha!)

  • I love my cat but I swear Neko is putting himself on the endangered kitties list. Every single morning without fail he is scratching on my door almost EXACTLY one hour before my alarm goes off. My alarm goes off at a different time each day depending on when I work. I don't know how he knows this but I more time....kitty cassarole.
  • Here's an Irish weather saying for you- "It's gone very cold" (subsitute cold for rainy, grey, cloudy on any given day.....on a rare occasion you can say sunny....then add an exclamation mark) Start talking about the weather (always a hot topic here) and I can put good money on that phrase cropping up. Even I say it all the time. Well it HAS gone very cold. Last night it was sleeting. Tonight, just freezing. Its meant to be SPRING! Take a hint Ireland!
  • I have been craving Stauffers Whales know, the knock off Goldfish crackers. Seriously I think about them sometimes when I'm hungry and feeling a little despondent. If anyone ever felt sorry for a cold and homesick American living 3000 miles from the closest store that sells them feel free to send me a box! NOM
  • I wonder when high school drama ends....I mean, its called high school drama because its meant to be a behavior for teenagers...unfortunately it seems to carry on well into (at least in my experience) our late 20's. I thought I was done with this years ago? I certaintly feel too old for it. I think my wisest choice here is to ignore the situation entirely...I mean you can't keep a fire going without fuel right?
  • I definately need to write a post about spelling differences between here and the states. There are so many words that are very common and are spelled drives me nuts! (no its not TYRE its TIRE.....gah!)
  • I saw a friend post this on facebook tonight and it's pretty much the coolest thing ever....

I definately had a tear in my eye by the end of it....absolutely brilliant! Definately check out his facebook page:

Or his website:

There has been a donation started for a savings fund for Caine to make sure he gets a good college education...I think they have already raised like 24,000 dollars!

  • I watched the entire second season of teen mom 2 last week. I just love a good train wreck what can I say? It makes me so glad I'm not that age anymore...and Leah filing for divorce first? Well I guess I'm not in her situation and the camera edits it the way it wants to, but I would have put a little more effort in reconciling first.....just my opinion. Don't get me started on Jenelle....GEEZ.
  • I'm meant to run the Great Limerick Run this May....not doing so hot on my traning despite running a 10k with a friend last week.....I should really do something about that....
  • I bought a super pretty ball dress for my company's huge fancy Ball coming up later this month (woot!) and I'm going to get it altered tomorrow...fingers crossed it doesn't cost an arm and a leg...literally (har de har har)

Well since its technically Wednesday here (just barely!) and I'm tired I'm going to wrap this up! Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!


  1. I will have to come over and do the 10 on Tuesdays as soon as I am done with the A-Z challenge.. (you should do it..) talk about trying to find something to come up with! -
    Have you ever posted how you ended up in Ireland? I know you married an Irish man.. but how did y'all meet?

  2. ohhhhhh i see some reese peanut butter eggs in that box!!!!! can you have them sent my way?! ;) kidding (not really)

    and yes, TYRE is no such word. it is TIRE. when norwegians try to write english they always spell it TYRE and im like NOOOOO...please spell it the american way ;)

  3. Rach,

    If you're running almost 10k now, you'll definitely be great for the race! I'm not lying to you, I only ran 3 miles outside before my half marathon and the day of I was fine.

    Love teen mom 2, but it always makes me want to punch Janelle in the face...and her mom's voice...don't get me started ;)

  4. kitty casserole?! NO! lol. one of my cats sits THISCLOSE to my face about an hour before the alarm is to go off, and his whiskers tickle. I HATE IT. i just can't stand it. argh!

    WTH are spring oreos! and knockoffs of goldfish?! that is hilarious!

    YOU CAN RUN A 10K?! i don't even know if i could walk one. that is FAR! wow!

  5. 1. This is one awesome friend! Go Cat :)
    2. Apparently, Ireland is rebelling against Spring haha.
    4. I was about to say, 'hey they're the knock off Gold Fish!' lol.
    5. The HS drama never ends. It's actually quiet sad but yes, ignore it & hopefully they'll knock that shit off. That's what I do, anyhow.
    6. Now this is a post I'd like to see! They really spell tire, tyre? So weird.
    7. Can't believe I hadnt seen this...that kid is awesome! I wish I could get a box & make something out of it, like a kick ass claw machine.
    8. Love these train wrecks, I cant get enough of them. Also, Janelle is bat shit crazy. Did you see the latest video of her singing to her ex-bf? Nuts I tell ya ->
    9. If you ran a 10K last week you'll do just fine. I'm lucky if I can get to the end of the block without dry heaving.
    10. Oooh how pretty. We want pictures!

    Thanks for linking up, loved your 10 :)

  6. Aw what a nice care package! I got one from my parents filled with my favorite: reeses and peeps! Its nice to have a little bit of home now and then!