Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Two Years

Two years ago these two friends decided to change their lives for the better....

Some people thought (and still think) that we were too young, that we lived too far apart, that we hadn't dated long enough. But we knew that despite all of their opinions or the facts at hand the decision we were making was a good one. Something that was worth sacrificing for, something worth changing our lives for.

Sunday was our two year anniversary- we are no longer newlyweds nor can claim to be! We don't have a lot of money right now so we kept everything low key. We dressed up and went out for a fancy dinner and had a few drinks afterwards...

A glass of wine with dinner- haha that's splashing out for us!

At our favorite pub- Nancy Blakes. They have a great outdoor area that usually has pretty good live music on weekend nights.

If you can't read the quote in the middle it says : "Knowing you will be with me in all my tomorrows, makes my today so wonderful."

My anniversary present from James....we had a limit of 15 euros for each other....I got him a DVD....he got creative and made this photo collection for me. Super sweet and put my dvd present to shame! haha

And finally here we are 5, nearly 6 years ago when we met for the first time....We look so young!


  1. Congrats on 2 years! You guys look happy together.

  2. Aww...two years! Congrats. His present is too cute!

  3. happy (late) anniversary to yall!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. well happy two year anniversary! i am glad you proved those people wrong! sometimes it is just right, and clearly it is with the two of you! :)

  5. I'm totally late on this but Happy Anniversary you two! I love that he made you a gift...that's totally something my husband would do. Sadly, I'm more of the buy it & toss it in a gift bag kind of gal, sucks to be my husband sometimes haha.

    Ha, you guys totally look young in that photo.