Tuesday, November 1, 2011

10 on Tuesday....Today is a double header day!

Yes that's right I'm posting twice today. I don't get nearly enough time (or make enough time) to sit down and blog so when I get a chance I figure I should go all out!

1. Its freaking cold outside. Its not frost cold, but bitter cold. And that North Atlantic wind DOES NOT make it warmer. At least its not raining.....right now! lol

2. Halloween came and went. No trick or treaters of course. Decorations were scarce in the stores, the pumpkins small, but still it was Halloween! People got dressed up, went out drinking, went to parties. The big thing here for Halloween is bangers and fireworks. Bangers I think are just small mortar bombs of some sort- nothing flashy, just a large bang. But so many have been going off over the weekend it sounds like we are living in some sort of war zone. You can still here a leftover banger here and there all day today. And here is my pumpkin!!

Seriously- that is the LARGEST pumpkin I could find. Ridiculous tiny pumpkins.

3. November already?? wow- this year....flying by. Our two year anniversary is next Sunday. No clue what to do for it. I think we might treat ourselves to a nice dinner in town. We aren't very good at the whole romantic mushy stuff. I might even splash out and buy him a card....ooooo fancy!!

4. So what are the thoughts about the new Two and a Half men??

Personally?? Still sitting on the fence about it. I feel like the show is dragging along. But I also feel if they could make the story into something good. We are an episode behind here in Ireland so I'm waiting for this weeks.....until next week. Its 2011 why can't they just show the shows at the same time??!??
also......the singing in the beginning.....ashton is really creepy...right?

5. We finally hung most everything up in the new house today. We have lived here over a month now but I have been so slow in getting everything put away in the house. I also realized that I really really really need to frame pictures. lots of pictures. I have spent good money on professional pictures, really awesome prints and another random assorted images to put in frames and hang on walls. So now I just need to actually get off my butt and frame them. eventually.

6. I really need to watch the U.S. Office from the start- in order. James and I always talk about doing it, but never got around to it. I think we got so obsessed with 30 rock we didn't want to watch anything else for a while there haha

7. I am 98.9% sure that I will be going home for "Christmas" in January. WOOT! My sister who I havn't seen in nearly 3 years will be home and she and James have never met. Should be good times! (also hoping to hit some great january sales....need to stock up on some black flats, medication and other unnecssary stuff) I can't wait to drive on the right side of the road again! (I mean that in both senses)

8. I want to see Despicable Me. I nearly bought it in Tesco the other night. But I hadn't seen it yet. All sources say its cute but I need proof first. I bought finding neverland once without watching it first and learned my lesson.

9. I plan on taking Thanksgiving Day off from work this year. I want to sit at home and watch the Macy's Day Parade and eat turkey. TUUURRRKKKEEEYYYY. I'm hoping the Christmas turkeys are in by the time Thanksgiving rolls around since you can't find them otherwise. (SIGH)

10. I lovvveeeedddd that extra hour of sleep Saturday night. The really short evenings? Not loving those so much. Its dark by like 6 here. le sigh.

Check out Linny's 10 on Tuesday- This is where I'm stealing it from- she's awesome so give her some love!


  1. 1. I'll cross my fingers that it doesnt rain a ton for you.
    2. That's cute! I didn't carve a pumpkin this year. Too lazy.
    3. Haha we're exactly the same way. I don't think we've done anything romantic on our anniversary besides kiss during dinner :/
    4. To be honest I haven't seen it & don't plan on it. If Ashton isn't playing Kelso then I don't care to watch haha.
    5. Get those expensive photos up girl!
    6. Oh you won't regret it...I love The Office!
    7. Yay! I hope by December it'll be 100% sure.
    8. Cutest movie evah! Loved it.
    9. Really, no turkeys other than around Christmas time? How do you live?! haha...I love staying home on Thanksgiving day & watching the parade. You should totally do it.
    10. Bwahaha...you totally had me worried that I'd been wrong on the time since then but then I realized the US doesn't do the time change til this weekend. Yeah, I'm an idiot.

    Thanks for doing a 10 on Tues post...loved reading it!

  2. you get to come home?!?!? that is so fab!

    you couldn't pay me to watch 2.5 men, but i sure love me some 30-rock! and i like the british office series. i want to shoot steve carell (sp?), so i didn't get around to seeing the american version.

    hope things are well in your world and that it warms up a teency bit soon!

    happy almost-anniversary, too! whee!

  3. Let me know when you're planning on coming home. I've been trying to decide on February or January for my own return.

    By the way, it was in the high 80s here in central Texas yesterday. Just thought I'd add that since you were talking about your weather.