Thursday, September 8, 2011


So I met an american woman the other day.

Her american accent was so strong I thought she was a tourist- So I asked her, as I always do when I run across Americans where she was from.

She said she was from San Diego but that she lived in Ireland now.

(GASP! Another American!! In Limerick!!)

So I asked her how long she lived in Limerick- She said 11 years which shocked the crap outta me- 11 years of living in Ireland and her accent was still so American!! I've only been here a year and a half and my accent is all over the place! I actually was mistaken for Irish the other day (by another Irish person surprisingly enough!) and when I told that person I was American they said "Oh yeah- I can hear a hint of an American accent in there!"

So 11 years and her accent not changing? Astounding!

Anyways- well so we got to chatting briefly and I told her that I hadn't met any other Americans here yet and would love to meet up with some.

She was surprised and right away asked me for my number so we could get together. I was more than delighted and gave her my mobile number.

And then I waited...and waited some more.

She hasn't called.


Its like giving your number to a cute hope they wonder if they are going to play that stupid game and wait 3 days before they call.

And then no call.


Who knows, maybe she will call still....maybe she lost my number? I don't know.

I hope she does though.....I really want some American buddies on this side of the Atlantic.


  1. Aw, what a bummer. I really hope she calls you too! I'm thinking maybe she did lose your number or maybe misplaced it :/

  2. nooooooo! that is the worst!!! sometimes when i hear people around me with an american accent i want to casually go up to them and chat. but i always think they are not as excited as me. i am sure they actually are :)

    PS i did end up trying the vacuum packed corn because my boyfriend made me. i still didnt like it :( he loves it though. i told him when he eats fresh corn one day his life will be changed forever :) :)

    hope you're doing well!!! <3

  3. OMG! i hope she calls! it is just like an american to say they will call and NOT DO IT. note: i am an american so i can say that. blergh.