Monday, September 12, 2011

10 Years

In ten years lot can change. For most people in ten years a lot does change.

I will never forget that moment ten years ago when the entire world changed.

I was sitting in english class, second period.

A girl named Kathy had heard that there was an accident in New York and asked the teacher if we could turn on the TV and see if it was on the news. Being teenagers and looking for any distraction from our schoolwork we all begged the teacher to turn on the news.

She relented and turned the TV on to NBC News. At first there were just pictures of a smoking building and plenty of confusion on the newscasters side of the story. Reports of a commercial jet accident hitting the World Trade Center.

As we sat there watching the news we saw the second plane hit. Live.

In that moment of pure confusion and horror the world changed.

We watched as the first building, and then as the second, fell.

In each class the rest of the day there was silence. Lessons forgotten. TVs turned on. Tears fell.

I don't remember that evening, I don't remember the next day. But I will never forget as long as I live the feeling I felt in those moments watching the news. Even to this day when I get asked what it was like in America on 9/11 a chill still comes over my body.

I do know this though- no matter how far away from home I am, or how long ago 9/11 was I will never forget that moment. I will never forget the sacrifices made that day. I will never forget the weeks following that day- that tension and fear and brotherhood and patriotism.

I KNOW I will never forget.

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