Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts- i got nothing. besides a headache.


Its Tuesday again. Man these weeks are flying by.

And when the hell did October get here? I feel like last October wasn't so long ago. Before you know it Christmas will be here. They are already putting Christmas cookies and candy out in the shops.
And James is doing his best to keep my eyes adverted. Oh blue tin cookies. I want you so badly.

Yuummmmmm. I wonder if they get these here? I think I've spied something similar in the German grocery stores here. If not I'm sending out a plea early!

Yeah so weight watchers? Its going ok. The leader is kinda...Tactless. That would be the best way to put it. The first meeting I get on the scale and she says "well we aren't going to see THAT weight again- are we?"
Wow. Talk about red faced me.
Then last week after two weeks- I hadn't lost as much as I wanted. That may be all the wine last week. sigh. But the leader says that she has never seen anyone NOT lose 6 pounds after the first week. (I lost 2.5). And then she looked at me. Judgement? Perhaps. Paranoia? YES.

So needless to say Ive stayed far away from wine this week- and been below points every day and fingers crossed for a better number this week. I really don't want any snippy comments this week.

So that post I posted yesterday. Remember how I said that things don't usually go this smoothly for us and that I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well consider that shoe dropped. And chewed by a vicious dog.
I called my landlord this morning to give him notice that we were signing a contract with another person and that this would be our last month in the apartment. With our security deposit as the last months rent he had about 6 weeks notice. Well he wasn't having that. He wanted to know why the hell we would do that (I explained about the noise and that we were married and we needed more space. I said that the apartment was nice, but it wasn't large enough for us. And the noise was really too much for us.)
He proceeded to tell me that we had a contract and that it was binding and basically too bad you are stuck there until May. I told him that we were going to move and that as we are breaking the contract early he would keep the deposit. Standard for most tenency agreements. He told me that it wasn't how it worked in Ireland (BULLSHIT) and that He thought I was lying about the noise. He said I think your fucking telling me a story. Its not loud down there at all.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Its not loud on a street with 6 pubs and a night club?? Its a street party EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. I told him he had to just spend one night here to see how loud it was. Any night- take your pick. He told me tough cookies and that if we left early that he would have his solicitor after us.

He threatened law suit. Really? ??!? what an ASSHOLE.

I was sitting there FREAKING OUT. We were supposed to meet the new landlord in 30 minutes and give him a huge chunk of money. what are we supposed to do??

So I cried a little and then James came home and we went right to citizens information. They told us basically what our landlord said was bullshit. The most he could do was get the remainder of the rent from us, which was shaky since we gave him so much notice. So we said- ok fine. Its not worth staying in this apartment- especially after the treatment I received from the landlord.

So basically long story short- our landlord sucks. And we have a new place. And its pretty.

So im celebrating!! whoo hoo! And I'm also hoping that I either get someone to sublet or my landlord comes to his senses. Cause if not we are going to go all the way with this and get a solicitor ourselves.

Yeah so I applied for a new job today. I saw the local tesco was looking for a manager. I know that I have the qualifications for the job, so what the hell. It would be awesome if I got this job, but I have no expectations and I am DETERMINED not to get my hopes up. I'm leaving that on the back burner for now.

Yeah so I forget that my dad is on my facebook. I am so close to deleting him. How rude would that be though? He is just a snoop! I don't want him to see my business on there. Its so annoying. I know that deleting him would cause a lot of unnecessary arguments. ugh. Anytime he sees something on there that he thinks he should put his two cents in about he's calling me. GRRRR. freaking facebook. they should have a no-parents policy.

My husband was telling me about a bridezilla he saw the other day. (he would never ever admit to watching this to anyone else. but he will watch shit TV every so often. hehe.) Apparently this bride was completely psycho. She pulled all of her bridesmaid in another room and was criticizing all of them telling them to have their hair a certain way or don't do this or that. She pulled one girl aside in particular and said that she had noticed that she had been gaining weight over the last few months and that she had bought her a new dress in a bigger size. Needless to say not only did that particular girl drop out of the wedding but was no longer friends with this woman. I woulda done the same thing. Who does that woman think she is? Yeah shes getting married, but that doesn't give her total control over other peoples lives or to be a complete bitch. Thats not bridezilla- that's just bad person.

my husband makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever. why I can't do that? no clue. But seriously. Addicting. thank god for weight watchers bread.

Have you seen the new Ikea commerical?

I don't even like cats but I love this commercial. And I wonder who sings that song- I really like it. Also I just love Ikea. Oh simple swedish designs. Cheap prices. I wish there was one in Limerick.

Back to the future is in the theaters. I need to go. Yes this movie has been around for 25 years and I can buy it for 5 bucks, but i think its something that would be 1000 times cooler on the big screen.

Alright- everyone else go and random it up with the Un-mom.

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  1. You're landlords a creep for threatening you like that. I'm so happy for you & James on your new 'pretty' place!

    Also, I'd totally go see Back to the Future if it was in the theaters here!