Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fancy Dress 90's Style

Here in Ireland fancy dress is a popular thing. Well at this time of the year at least. For a while I thought fancy dress meant nice dress and suit type deal. No, no it doesn't, Fancy dress actually means costumes. (good thing I figured that out before I actually went to a fancy dress party...haha talk about awkward.)

James and I went to a fancy dress party a couple of weeks ago for our friends birthday. The theme was the 90's. All of the best pop culture icons from the decade. There were quite a few that I wasn't aware of since they were really popular over here and never made it to the states- like Boyzone, Take That, E 17, a few others that I cant even remember, or care to haha.

There were a few that we all know of course....

The spice girls!Marge Simpson and Madonna

...and a penguin. You couldn't see but Madonna had the gold bodysuit with the pointy boobs and all- it was fantastic!

There was Sinead O' Conner in all her glory....
He had pictures of the pope to burn and all...all for the sake of sticking to character of course. har har.

Of course I was told that I had to be a 90's Icon from the States. Since James had decided to be Kurt Cobain I figured there was no better choice than Courtney Love in all of her train wreck glory.

These are all horrible pictures of me and I looked a hot mess- but it was a good Courtney Love look for sure!Some TLC for Kurt....looks just like the real thing....haha

Rings pops....probably the closest thing to bling I'm going to get for a LONNNNGGG time.
The beginning of the end for Kurt.... drugs from morticia addams....(its actually vodka people)

Kurt near the much from the needle (IE James spitting out the vodka...haha too funny)

True love at its finest

and...I'm never, ever wearing red lipstick ever again. or a blonde wig.


  1. haha, looks like you guys had a ton of fun! I love the Marge Simpson costume, really cute.

  2. LOL that is awesome! Looks like a good time! I love that it's called "fancy dress", that is so much better than a "costume party".