Saturday, October 30, 2010

the joys of house/baby sitting

James and I are babysitting for the weekend. and house sitting.

His parents went to Madrid for the weekend and so we are staying at their house watching his little sister who is thirteen. She doesn't require much care since she pretty much can do everything on her own, but definitely someone needs to be here with her.

Its no problem staying here, don't mind it one bit (besides the fact that we just got our new cable and i really wanted to use it. haha i kid, i kid. kinda)

except after last night I'm a little grumpy.

You see, Jame's dad turned James' old room into his new office. His dad is a pack rat- saves everything and has kept every book ever. (His Dad is actually a well known poet in Limerick and does tons of events around town and its actually pretty cool) He installed all of these new bookshelves to stick all of these books on and the room is covered wall to wall in books. This is all fine and dandy, and the fact that we are staying in said office is fine as well. We have an air mattress and its no problem for us.

Well last night we go upstairs to go to bed and the air mattress? flat. might as well have been lying on the floor. It just so happens to be the kind of air mattress that has to be blown up in a car. why would someone buy an air mattress that can only be blown up in the car? not sure, but irritated by it. So we took a duvet and laid it on top of the air mattress, some cushion from the wood floor. Fine, thats fine I can deal with that.

So then a few hours later around 5:45 in the morning while we are fast asleep, one of the book shelves that was hanging on the wall CHOCK FULL of books decided to fall off of said wall. It was so loud and so scary I sat right up out of a deep sleep and screamed! This I was not so happy with. We got up and cleaned up the mess (thankfully nothing was truly damaged) and went back to our floor...i mean, bed.

Then- the dogs started barking. I'm sure they heard the noise and thought something was awry or whatever dogs may think. Regardless- the dogs wouldn't. stop. barking. James sister forgot to put them up last night. I couldn't take the barking and I felt bad for the neighbors. James got up and said that he might as well stay up since sleeping seemed moot at this point.

I on the other other hand laid back down and tried to find the most squishy part of the floor. (while trying NOT to think of all the other book shelves hanging on the walls in the the one over my head. eep.) A few hours later I got up and found poor james asleep on the couch in the living room. Now im sitting next to him while he is passed out like a corpse. I feel like I've been beaten with a baseball bat. We are definitely the wonder couple I'm telling you.

Now I'm off to go buy a new air mattress- you know, the kind with a pump?


  1. Sorry about the giveaway, international shipping is so darn expensive and with customs and what not.... I am lazy. ha ha If its being paid for then it's another thing, apparently I am cheap :) Let me know if you ever want one, I ship international from the store!

  2. I laughed out loud when I read this. I'm not laughing at your terrible night, just the book case falling and it scaring you. It would have made me super grumpy.

  3. Holy crap that sound like on hell of a night! I hate sleeping on those darn inflatable matresses. Everytime we stay at my in laws we have to sleep on one but after a few hours I end up getting up & sleeping on the couch. I'm 27, going on 52 so my old bones cant handle it lol. Hope the rest of the weekend went much better!