Monday, September 24, 2012

So that time I was pregnant and fell off the face of the internet?

Yeah, so apparently working, being pregnant and moving house all at the same time is not a smart idea. Who would have thought?!?

I nievely thought that moving while 7 months pregnant would be a breeze. Yeah sure I'd be moving a little slower but in the end it would be no big deal and I would just take an extra long nap after the day was done. 


I didn't factor in nesting. Or the fact that the rental market in Ireland is so freaking competitive at the moment (people kept saying it was a renters market...they are MISINFORMED). Or the fact that we had collected even MORE stuff in the year we had lived in our last house. (on that note, how in the world did I move over in 5 suitcases and manage to collect an entire house full of stuff in under 3 years...augh!) and the fact that everytime I try and bend down there is no gaurantee that I will be able to get back up, or even be able to bend all the way down. 

But after two months of house hunting, a nearly two weeks between two houses and cleaning more corners, toilets, floors and cabinents than I care to think about we are in the hew house. And its fantastic, and roomy, and it has everything on our wish list and more. And we have fantastic landlords who we actually like and get on with and care about thier property. 

So yeah, I'm never moving again.I've looked at the costs of hiring people to move your stuff and it is well worth every red cent. 

The bonus to moving was that I got a fresh start in a new house and was able to have my slave hubs set up the nursery

 I'm so happy to have it set up and now I can fill in the bits and ends. We are in total baby mode over here, im trying to have everything as ready as possible before november so I can spend the lead up to christmas, thanksgiving and hubs birthday enjoying that time and not having to fight the shopping crowds to buy baby stuff!

 These are some cardigans that James's aunt knitted us. I can't believe how great they turned out and she even did them in red white and blue since I'm American haha!

Also I have gotten very..."roundy". Thats the word I'm using since it sounds better to me than massive. I feel massive though. A little delusional as well. I tried to wear a pair of pre-pregnancy pants that were big on me the other day...didn't even make it all the way up my hips. sigh.

28 weeks along... I've gotten even bigger since this picture. Still don't have that "glow" people talk about. I think its a conspiracy. 

Annnddd I was saving the best for last....we got our 3D scan done in August (i know it was kinda early but I seriously couldn't wait any longer, I was worse than a kid on Christmas morning) and got to see our little baby and find out what we are having....


ok, not the best picture quality. Its a picture taken by my phone of a picture of something inside my stomach so forgive me for the poor quality. But thats baby taylor! and its a BOY! I have to say the 3D scan was worth every penny. It was so great getting to see him and see him move around and his face and the fact that he has my fingers and chin and his dad's forehead (yikes! that won't be fun come December). He was a really active baby which made it hard to get a great picture of his face, but it was probably one of my top ten cool moments in life. More of those to come no doubt! Its been 5 or 6 weeks since the scan so I know hes a lot bigger by now and I can't wait to see what the final product is gonna look like in a few months! 

Sorry this post is so baby-centric. Right now thats pretty much taken over my life. But thankfully things have slowed down a LOT for me and I'm looking forward to getting back on track and back into the blogging world (lets not even talk about how many blogs are on my reader at the moment...) and I'm also so happy to never move again. Did I mention that already?


  1. :) Glad you and baby are doing well.

  2. Haha! Great post! Very very excited for you now, not that you need any more excitement - your post gets that across perfectly!
    Yeah, the house moving is always a pain but you're there now so you can relax a bit, get to better know the little man...
    I know it sounds weird, but you should prob try an enjoy the time between the two of you (I mean the other man) while there are only two of you - before the other one wants to hog all your attention.
    Only radioactive mothers glow by the way.
    My sister's having a baby too, next month I think. I should give her a shout...

  3. You look adorable! Hang in there! - I did the same thing at 7 months... moved into a new house... while my hubby was at sea! - it all turned out well! Glad to see you back!

  4. I dont know what the hell you're talking about, I see the glow. You look great, btw, round belly & all. Love those little sweaters and bravo to James for getting that nursery prepped.

    Dude, we've been wanting to move for the past 2 years but just the thought of having to pack everything up & haul it around is enough to get us to keep signing that rental agreement again lol.